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 In this article, we will discuss the ways with the help of which you can replace the dead battery of your iPad. The battery is an essential part of any of the devices, and if it fails to work properly, the users face issues and cannot accomplish all of their tasks. The battery life of an iPad generally lasts for over a few years. It might start behaving strangely after that. After a couple of years, your iPad’s battery will start holding less and less power. You will have to recharge it very often to let it work properly.

In any instance, if you wish to change the battery of your iPad, you won’t be able to do so very easily. This is because you would need good skills and a lot of effort for that. This doesn’t mean that you will have to go for a newer iPad. You can opt for battery replacement from a dedicated authority. Below, we have mentioned certain recommendations that you may follow if your iPad battery has stopped working. It certainly needs to be replaced.

Battery Replacement for iPads Under Warranty (AppleCare)

Suppose your device has some warranty left on it. Be it from the original warranty period or the extended warranty of AppleCare, your iPad battery will be replaced by Apple free of cost. You may get a new iPad, depending on the situation.

If your device has an active warranty on it, you need to go to the support page of Apple and fill the form by clicking on the “Start a service request” button. The appointment can also be set directly for the nearby Apple store. Before your device goes for replacement, make sure to take the backup of your important data. The iPad will arrive in over three to five business days, no matter if it has gone for repair or replacement. The time taken may be used to check if the issues your device’s battery is causing are covered under warranty or not. If your device’s battery is facing issues that are not covered under warranty, the replacement of your device’s battery will not happen for free.

Battery Replacement for iPads With Expired Warranty

In case the warranty of your iPad has expired, it will be repaired for $99, and over $6.95 will be taken as tax and shipping charges. To initiate the repairing process, you need to activate a service request on Apple’s official website, or you may simply visit your nearby Apple Store. Apple’s battery replacement is very cost-effective as you have to pay only $99, which, when compared to buying a new iPad, is far lesser.

iPad Battery Replacement at Authorized Repair Shops

Several authorized shops repair iPad batteries and screens. You can find these shops as kiosks in malls. These shops charge a comparatively lesser price for repair than Apple stores. In case you are planning to make use of one of these repair shops, go for the one that is Apple authorized rather than going for any of the local repairers as they might not prove to be helpful for your device.

DIY iPad Battery Replacement

If you are tech-savvy and know how to replace batteries, then using the right tools, you may accomplish this task by yourself. You will get an estimated cost from $50 to $90 to purchase tools and other parts that you would need for replacing the battery. Please be noted that this method will break your iPad’s warranty if it has any active on it.

So, these were the ways with the help of which you can replace your iPad battery.

Source-How to Replace an iPad Battery that is not Performing Well


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