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You are saying, “Hey, Alexa!”, but it is not responding like a stubborn child. You are trying to control it from other ways as well, but still the same issue. Then you need to know How to Reset Alexa Echo Plus? So, if you have made some settings leading to the device not responding state, and don’t know what they are? Then, you need to reset your Alexa device. But if you don’t know How to Reset Alexa Echo Plus, then you need to follow this guide. You can reset your Alexa device in different ways. Therefore, without wasting a minute, let’s start applying these steps in order to reset your Alexa Echo plus.

Steps for How to Reset Alexa Echo Plus

The reset operation of Alexa Echo Plus depends upon the type of the problem. The reset operation can be as simple as like power on/off, or there can be the need for the proper steps. So, let’s check out the different ways.

  1. If Alexa Echo Plus is Unresponsive

When your Alexa is unresponsive, then the first step you should adopt is the power cycling of the Alexa device. To do so, perform the steps as follows:Step 1: First, turn off the power for your Alexa device.Step 2: Then, unplug the power adapter for your Alexa device.Step 3: Now, wait for a few seconds.Step 4: Then, plug the power adapter again in the power source.Step 5: Power on the Alexa Echo again, and check whether it responds or not.Now, if the Alexa Echo device is not working, then you need to perform a hard factory reset for the Alexa Echo. To do so, there are two ways available: through Alexa App or through Alexa device.

  1. Use Alexa App to Reset the Alexa Device

You can download the Alexa app in iOS smartphones or Android phones. Once you have downloaded, you can reset your Alexa Echo plus using the Alexa app.Step 1: In your app, go to the Devices option.Step 2: Then, select the option of the Echo & Alexa icon present at the top side of the screen.Step 3: Then, choose the name which you want to do the factory reset.Step 4: Now, select the option of the Factory Reset.Step 5: Confirm the selection of your choice of Reset.Now, you have reset your Amazon device via app. In case, you don’t want to go with the app, then you can perform the reset operation from the device as well. Though, the steps are different for 2nd generation and later on editions of Alexa Echo plus.

  1. For 2nd Generation Alexa Device

If you have the 2nd generation Alexa device, then follow these steps:Step 1: Press the button of microphone off and volume down button simultaneously.Step 2: Keep it pressed till the ring light turns orange color.Step 3: Wait for around 20 seconds for the ring light to turn into orange color.Step 4: Once, the orange light is lit, then your device is reset.

  1. For 3rd Generation and Later on Alexa Devices

For the 3rd generation Alexa device, you need to go with the following steps :Step 1: Find the Action button on the Alexa Echo Device.Step 2: Check the button at the right of the top panel.Step 3: Keep it pressed for around 25 seconds, and then release it.These steps will reset your Amazon Alexa device for the 3rd generation and later on devices. Though, you can use the app for the reset operation for any generation. The only thing you should know is the name of your Alexa device.Alexa Echo has Reset Now!This guide contains all for you in order to perform the reset operation for your Alexa Echo device. So, if you are looking for How to Reset Alexa Echo Plus, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. Whether you want to perform soft reset i.e. power cycle or the hard factory reset, you will find all the steps here. So, reset your Alexa device, and find happiness again by saying, “Hey, Alexa!”. For sure, you will get the response now from your Alexa Echo Plus.


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