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Everyone has something they want to improve in or around their home. Homeowners face tons of common annoyances, from organization issues to lackluster curb appeal. From the front porch to the bathroom fixtures, here are some suggestions to keep home improvement concerns at a minimum.

Organization Issues

Organization is a big deal. Yet, a few things can get in the way, including a lack of areas to store things like children’s toys, pet supplies, mail, and even produce on countertops. Fortunately, there are ways to fix that. You can reuse, repurpose, and refurbish old furniture to fit your needs. Install a shelving unit with shelf brackets in the garage for pet supplies. Add cabinets or curtains to a bench seat to make a storage area for toys. Or build a simple mail center for stray papers. Even the simplest storage solution can make your home feel less cluttered.

Insulation Concerns

Insulation is another concern. It’s a big deal—especially if you live in an area that swings between temperature extremes. If you feel a draft or want to insulate the garage or work shed, you need to address it before reaching weather extremes. Installing batt insulation is a big project, but you can do it on your own as long as you’re meeting all the local codes and building regulations. Start months ahead of the lowest part of winter or highest temps of summer. If your insulation concern is a drafty window, consider resealing the whole thing or using Flex Paste on some spotty areas.

Home Presentation

If you expect your home to look its best, it needs your home improvement expertise. Both interior and exterior presentation worries may not be as difficult to tackle as you might think. You can easily do a little yard work, put up shelves and pictures in the hallway, and swap out old porch posts in a single weekend (if you’re dedicated). It will instantly improve the look of your house. You can set aside time for you and your family to figure out what needs attention, and then everyone can get to work.

Quick Fixes

There will always be little things around the house that you can fix in less than an hour—some take just 20 minutes! One of the ways you can stay on top of them is by putting together kits or grab bags. You can have one dedicated to plumbing issues, another for loose fixtures, and whatever else you think could be helpful. It’s like keeping a tire repair kit in your car, except it’s for your house.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the space where you live. As someone interested in DIY home improvement, you can use these simple suggestions to stay on top of your concerns and address them before they get out of hand. It might be as easy as keeping a container of Flex Paste on hand or finding materials to build a basic storage solution.

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