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How to Resolve Canon Printer “Check Ink” 1486 Support Codes In Few Steps?

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Canon printers are globally known for their high-end printing features. Not just high-end features, but over the years, users have received great customer service. With being a user-friendly printer brand, it has provided range f varieties in the printer as well. However, machines are bound to face glitches in software or hardware. Despite the prestigious brand and being user-friendly, the printers often display error codes. These error codes do not represent your investment was a waste. 

They simply show issues occurring inside your printer, which pretty normal for machines after being used for some time. If your printer detects that something is cooking up inside it, you will be able to see the signs like the constant blinking of the printer lights. Automatically shut down during the printing process, or it will make a funny noise. And sometimes, it will prevent you from printing or scanning the documents. 

There is no permanent solution, as these error codes are not permanent problems. But in order to prevent these error codes from occurring too often, you can try some of the basic solutions. You can try to clean and maintain your printer from inside once in a while, or you can do it once a week month. If you are dealing with a busy work schedule, then you can call a tech expert for service and maintenance. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the causes behind the error code 1486 as well as the solutions. 

How to identify the issue occurring behind the error code 1486?

Before you step into resolving the problem, you should always examine why it is happening. It is necessary to apply the solution correctly. Randomly applying the remedy can further lead to the destruction of your printer. And will cost you even more, and you may end up buying a new printer. So, it is better to be secure while applying the solutions. Here, the error code 1486 or “check ink” symbolizes the cartridges issue emerging in the printer. This means your printer is having a hard time detecting one or more cartridges, which probably indicates the incorrect installation of the cartridges. 

However, one thing is for sure that you can resolve the issue without any problem with a few instructions, and especially an easy one. There are things, which should be kept in mind if you are not familiar with the printer. The slots designed in the printer have an excessive similarity. Also, the Canon Fine cartridges include a similar look inside the printer. Despite the fact of similar slots, the printer requires one color and one black cartridge to be installed inside the printer. It does not matter if you are thinking of working with one of them. 

Now we should move to the tips that can help you clean the error code from your printer. You need to carefully go through each step and apply it to the printer. Do not rush the process, as you cannot expect your printer to be up and ready for the printing process in seconds. Let’s see what the solutions are.

How to clear the “Check Ink” or 1486 error code from the Canon printer?

In order to stop the Canon printer from displaying these error messages constantly, you need to follow these instructions. Follow these steps and resume your printing jobs in few steps. 

Step 1: Remove the Cartridges from the Printer

If you are in luck or case it is detectable, your printer software will display the cartridge, which is causing the problem. And if your printer has not revealed the cartridge that is creating the problem, you need to take out both the cartridges gently. Now you have to troubleshoot both the cartridges to resolve the error code. 

Step 2: Examine the Cartridge Codes

In this step, you need to check the codes given on the labels of the cartridges. It is important to make sure that you have one of each, which means one black and one color cartridge. In case if you are unable to recognize the particular label about which one is color or which one is black, or if you do not know which cartridge is compatible with your printer. Then you need to check in with Google about the model number, or you can check the manual. 

The print heads given under the cartridges can help you recognize which one is black or which one is color. The color print head includes three separate lines in the central metallic plate, and the black one includes a single but long line. 

Step 3: Reinstall the Ink Cartridge 

Once you have taken out both of the faulty ones, you might as well clean them. After you have checked it and made sure they are correct. You need to reinstall it back in the printer in its same position carefully. Do not rush the process, as you may get the error code again. You also need to look closely at any kind of markings appearing on the body of the printer or on the cartridge to make sure they are perfectly installed in their position. 

Now your printer will be able to recognize both of the cartridges, and the error message will be gone from the printer. 

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