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How to Respond when Mother Nature Calls for Emergency Roof Repair

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Mother Nature can cause unexpected disruptions in your life. High winds blow your roof off, hail tears your roof apart or a tree falls on top of your roof at night. Knowing what to do and how to contact the right people can make the difference between panicking and being able to protect your family and home in Long Island. We can help you prepare for any storm or unexpected situation.

Public Enemy No. 1: Leaking Water

One of the top reasons homeowners call for emergency roof repairs is leaking water. A compromised roof can lead to structural and interior damage. You can mitigate the damage by calling a roofing contractor to repair or cover any holes. This will save you valuable time and allow the roofer to assess the problem and offer a long-term solution.

Triple Threat

What causes a roof's leakage? Mother Nature is the greatest threat. A compromised roofing system can lead to three main problems: fire, animals, and harsh weather.

Winds of up to 50 mph can strip the roof's shingles and expose the substrate. Tree limbs can be torn off trees and thrown around the yard like sticks. This can cause damage to your roofing structure. Lightning can cause a roof to fall through. Even in the best of Mother Nature's days squirrels and raccoons can dig large holes in rotted roofing material. Fire can also cause roof damage layer by layer.

Rule Number One for Emergency Roof Repair

Safety First is a rule that roofing professionals must follow. This rule protects homeowners and workers. It is best to wait to repair an emergency roof during heavy rains, snowstorms, lightning, and high winds. After a storm passes, there is not much a roofer can do. There is also no time to waste after a storm passes.

Safety is a top priority for roofs that have been damaged by fire. Safe access to the roof is also compromised by a fire that damages the roofing system's structural integrity. Once all hazards have been identified, the roofer can organize a team to restore the roof to its original watertight condition.

Rule number 2 for Emergency Roof Repair

Safety first is the rule of roofers. Don't panic homeowners. You have already done the damage, so you need to focus on the next steps. Contact your homeowner's insurance company to find a reputable roofing contractor. Beware of storm chasers that travel door-to-door after heavy storms, looking for ways to make a profit.

It is best to leave any emergency roof repair to professionals who are familiar with the process. You could end up with serious injuries if you try to repair a roof that is damaged yourself. You can document the loss and damage to your roof with photos and written documentation so that you get the best from your homeowner’s insurance policy.

We are here to help you with your home

Universal Roofing and Chimney  has decades of experience in emergency Roof Repairs in Long Island to give you confidence. We are available to help you when Mother Nature calls.


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