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Although it can be financially rewarding, operating a profitable Amazon business has its own unique set of difficulties. Dealing with listing hijackers is one issue that every Amazon seller should be aware of. Unauthorized merchants known as “Amazon hijackers” offer their goods on your Amazon product listings, frequently undercutting you’re pricing and running the risk of tarnishing your brand's reputation. In this post, we'll explore the realm of Amazon hijackers and talk about practical methods for getting rid of them from your listings and safeguarding your company.


Understanding Amazon Hijackers

Third-party merchants known as Amazon hijackers take advantage of product listings that have already been created by trustworthy sellers. They achieve this by taking advantage of Amazon's open marketplace model. These unlicensed retailers frequently offer subpar or fake goods, which can annoy customers and damage the reputation of your company.

The Impact of Listing Hijackers

Amazon hijackers can have several negative impacts on your business, including:

Price Wars: In order to lure customers, hijackers frequently drastically reduce their pricing. Price wars may result, reducing your profit margins and making it challenging to run a profitable company.

Reduced Trust: When clients purchase inferior or knockoff goods from hijacker removal, their faith in your company is damaged, and you may get bad feedback or complaints.

Loss of Control: You lose control over your product listings and inventories when hijackers are on your listings. Stock outs or overstock situations could result from this, both of which would be bad for business.

Lower Sales Rank: Your product's sales rank may decline when hijackers overwhelm your listing with comparable or inferior products, making it more difficult for real customers to find your product.

Removing Amazon Hijackers

Dealing with Amazon Hijackers equires a proactive approach. Here are some steps you can take to remove hijackers from your listings:

Watch Your Listings: Keep an eye out for any unlicensed merchants in your Amazon product listings. In order to assist you keep track of changes to your listings, Amazon offers tools and reports.

Establish a Brand Registry: Create a Brand Registry by enrolling your company in the Brand Registry programme offered by Amazon. This makes it easier for you to take ownership of your product listings and gives you the power to report and ban unauthorized merchants with more efficiency.

Report Infractions: Use the Seller Central portal to notify Amazon of any unauthorized sellers you see on your listings. Show proof of your brand ownership and the legitimacy of your products.

Use Cease and Desist Letters: Demand that hijackers stop selling your products by sending cease and desist letters to them. A legal threat may occasionally persuade hijackers to back off.

Enforce Your Rights: If persistent Amazon hijackers listing are seriously harming your company, you may want to consider taking legal action against them. If required, seek advice from a lawyer with experience in Amazon-related matters.

Strengthen Your Listing: Add granular descriptions, top-notch photos, and intriguing titles to your product listings to make them more comprehensive. This can assist shoppers recognize your genuine products and discourage hijackers.

Price Competitively: Price your products competitively to deter price-hijackers from dramatically lowering your prices.


Listing hijackers can be a serious threat to your Amazon business, but you can safeguard your reputation and keep control of your listings with diligence and the appropriate tactics. To protect your company from these unauthorized vendors, you must regularly monitor, register your trademark, report infractions, and take legal action when necessary. You may keep flourishing as a thriving Amazon seller by taking preventative measures against hijackers.


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