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How To Safely Ship Valuable Items By Courier

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Many people are understandably nervous about sending valuables through the post, but there are a few steps you can take to help guarantee the safety and security of your parcel.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


Check The Prohibited/Restricted Items List

You should always check that your parcel is not listed as a prohibited or restricted item before selecting a courier service.

All couriers have a prohibited/restricted items list, while some items are strictly prohibited and cannot be posted through the majority of courier services. This includes hazardous items, illegal goods, weaponry, and toxic or radioactive materials (up to half a million of which are shipped around the UK per year!), among other items that may not be covered by insurance.

Other goods may be restricted, which means they can be sent through specialist services at your own risk. These items may be subject to surcharges, delays, or confiscation by the authorities in certain circumstances.

If your item is not listed as a prohibited or restricted item, here’s how to package and send your high-value shipment.


Check Your Transit Cover

You should always check that your transit cover is enough to cover the full value of your item. This means that if your package is stolen or goes missing, you will be covered for the full value of the item.

While it may be tempting to send your parcel for free, this could leave you seriously out of pocket if something goes wrong. Don’t take chances – check your transit cover!


Packaging Your High-Value Item

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Here’s how to package your item to prevent any breaks or loss during transit.

  1. Choose two boxes: one large box, made from thick cardboard that will be resistant to any bumps along the way, and one smaller box to hold your item.
  1. Wrap your item in bubble wrap, if fragile. You can also use packing peanuts, tissue, or newspaper for less fragile items.
  1. Place your item in the smaller box, and then place it inside the larger box for enhanced security. You can use extra bubble wrap or packing peanuts to prevent the smaller box from moving inside the large box during transit.
  1. Label both boxes – if the outer box is damaged, we can then check the label on the inside box to verify where it should be sent. Seal the labels by taping around the edge of the label to prevent it from coming off during transit, and/or using a clear plastic label cover to prevent water damage. Make sure any old labels are removed or completely blacked out to prevent any confusion.
  1. Seal the box well with packaging tape and securely attach any extra documentation – like for example, Customs Forms.


Labelling Your High-Value Item

Always remember that if a thief gains access to the courier vehicle, you want your package to go unnoticed. This means that you should use a generic descriptor of the item.

For example, instead of labelling your package as a ‘Cartier watch’, simply label it as ‘jewellery’. This ensures that your package is accurately described, without giving away the value of your item.

Plus. if your item is fragile, you may wish you add additional labels such as “Fragile’ or ‘Handle With Care’. This informs the courier that they should take extra care with your parcel.


Track Progress

All courier services should offer tracking that enables clients to track their parcels in transit. This gives buyers peace of mind, allowing them to identify where their parcel is – and when – with an instantaneous update to let them know when their parcel has been delivered.


Ensuring A Safe And Successful Delivery

When it comes to shipping valuable items by courier, ensuring the safety and security of your parcels should be a top priority. To guarantee the safety of your parcels, there are several steps you should follow.

First and foremost, always check the prohibited and restricted items list provided by your chosen courier service. Some items are strictly prohibited, while others may be sent at your own risk with potential surcharges and delays.

Additionally, it's crucial to verify that your transit cover adequately covers the full value of your item. Don't take chances, as inadequate coverage could lead to financial losses if something goes wrong during transit.

Next, when packaging your high-value item, take extra precautions by choosing sturdy cardboard boxes, wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap, and using proper labelling techniques. A well-packaged parcel is less likely to experience breaks or losses during transit.

Labelling your package discreetly is also essential to deter potential thieves. Use generic descriptors for your items and consider adding ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle With Care’ labels when necessary.

Finally, always opt for courier services that offer tracking. Tracking allows you to monitor your parcel's journey, giving you peace of mind and timely updates on its delivery status.

By following these steps, you can confidently ship your valuable items by courier service, knowing that their safety and security will be top priorities!


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