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Generating leads is a very important to run any type of business. It is extremely important for any business to produce b2b leads to get a consistent flow of leads for marketing and sales team to connect, web data scraping can assist businesses in easily gathering leads from the internet. The current pandemic condition has pushed the businesses to become digital as well as update contact data so that all the people can contact them individually for the services rather than visiting their stores. Google helps businesses in listing their data to make it easier for people to discover them as well as contact them. In this blog, we will find out how the businesses can produce b2b leads from Google completely free through Google Maps Scraper as well as Contact Detail Scraper accessible on X-Byte Enterprise Crawling.

For scraping Google for business leads, initially, we will scrape data from Google Maps also recognized as Google Places through Google Maps Search result scraper. Google Maps helps businesses in adding their information like business name, address, phone number, and website. Google Maps Search Result crawler by X-Byte Enterprise Crawling helps you scrape business data from Google Maps through entering a location and keyword.

Secondly, we will use contact data scraper to collect data straight from the contact us pages of websites. The contact data crawler will assist us in improving the data extracted earlier through a Google Maps crawler. This scraper would take any site as input as well as will extract contact data like phone number, email, and social media links, accessible in the about us and contact us pages of a website. Both the crawlers will permit you to produce b2b leads that are updated and qualified within minutes.

How to Scrape Business Information from Google Maps or Google Search?

Google Maps help users in searching for the businesses of any county, city, zip code, or state using any particular keywords. Whereas we can utilize Google Maps for finding businesses manually, it would be error-prone and time-consuming. Google Maps Scraper helps you provide keywords like “Dentists in San Francisco” as input as well as scrape data returned by the Google Maps in minutes.

When you offer a listing of inputs to a scraper and start crawlers, the crawler would take some minutes to extract all results from the Google Maps results page. You can download all the data in JSON, CSV, and XML formats when the crawler stops running. Furthermore, you also get the option of scheduling the scraper for running regularly, helping you to observe new businesses within an area through Google Maps.

How to Extract Contact Details from Websites with Contact Data Scraper?

We will use the contact data crawler to improve the data extracted using a Google Maps crawler. A contact details scraper has been made to visit About Us and Contact Us pages of input websites as well as collect information like phone number, email id, or social media links. This scraper will help you extract additional data from a business website that might not be accessible in Google.

To collect lead data for your business requirements, input the sites scraped through a Google crawler for contact detail crawling. When a crawler finishes running, you can download contact details from these sites in XML, CSV, and JSON formats.

Why Should You Scrape Sales Leads Data?

Targeted sales can save your resources and time. Web data scraping can assist you in achieving high-level targets by collecting applicable b2b leads using the Internet, gives your sales team competent sales leads permitting them to extend the right people as well as efficiently execute sales campaigns. All the social media links collected through contact data scraper can be utilized to collect social media data from the competitor brands.

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling provides a web-browser-based data scraping platform which helps you scrape web data without any requirement to download any software or study how to do coding. An easy and user-friendly interface needs you to enter any valid search queries to start the scraping procedure. Every crawler also has free plans that help you to test a crawler for free prior to subscribing.

If you don't want or like to code, X-Byte Enterprise Crawling is the best option for you!

Avoid all the hassles of programming, installing software, as well as maintaining a code. Download data using X-Byte Enterprise Crawling in seconds.

For more: https://www.xbyte.io/


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