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How to select a bike vs a skateboard?

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Are you on the hunt for wheel toys that target functionality and recreation? If you had only two choices, a skateboard or a bicycle, which one would you choose? It is hard to decide since both are used as a means of transportation and excellent leisure activity. It is simple why people are keen to learn both, be it for travelling, extreme sports, or just as a hobby. Firstly, if you try deciding if transportation is even necessary, the answer is a resounding yes.

A skateboard or baby bike is practically required if you do not have a car. You can class faster and pack more daily. Want to meet a friend for lunch before attending classes? With a bike or skateboard, you certainly can! Transportation provides you with the freedom to not feel trapped.

Things to consider

Whenever you select a transport, check the comfort, accessibility, and time taken to reach the destination, amongst other factors. However, when comparing the bike and skateboard price, consider these aspects before buying:


You go faster and further on a bicycle. If you live off-campus and are looking for a way to commute, a bike is the best option. Plus, they are much better for carrying stuff, like books, laptops, or projects to the class. Either use a backpack or buy a bike with a rack or basket.


Kids’ skateboards are the winner here. Ensure to pick the right type. Longboards are standard on campus, whereas penny boards are smaller and smoother. Bikes have a diverse price range but are costlier than a skateboard. Plus, bikes require some maintenance. Fixing a flat and an occasional tune-up is not expensive, but they are expenses that skateboards do not include.


Bikes have brakes. Campuses have many visitors, so you need to dodge and manoeuvre through them. Bikes are better, especially on hilly campuses. Although you can always brake with your foot or jump off a skateboard, it often darts off into a crowd.


Once you reach your destination, remember to lock up your baby bike. Bike racks are standard at many schools. But you always got your ride with you for a skateboard. If it is a particularly large longboard, you need to leave it by the door when you get to class.


Skateboards are more enjoyable and cooler compared to bikes. Over time, the latter gets you bored with its little tricks, while skateboards let you freestyle your ride. Knowing both is beneficial. However, it depends on your interests and comfort.



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