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How to Select the Best Packaging Company in Brisbane

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The packaging of a product has become an integral part of the experience of buying, receiving, and owning a product. Custom printed packaging serves to not only protect, store, and be a vehicle for your product but also markets your brand.


There are scores of print packaging companies in Brisbane and the task of choosing one of them can seem daunting. We make it simpler for you by listing down a few must-haves that will considerably narrow down the list.

Packaging Quality and Consistency

Between 60–80% of people that participated in a study said that they would not return to a brand if the packaging was of poor quality. Hence, the most important criterion for selecting a packaging design company must be quality. The material and type of packaging should be practical but also appealing. The company should be able to give options most suited to your product as well as the model of your business. For example, if your business follows an e-commerce model, then your print packaging must be able to withstand the handling in transit and at the same time must not be too heavy, so your transport costs are kept within the limit.

Turnkey Solutions

The production of custom printed packaging boxes has many steps like designing the package, choosing the material, compliance of the content on packaging with standard norms (applicable especially for food products), etc. You should avoid engaging with different companies for each of these steps. So, it is advisable to go with a print packaging company that can offer all these services with one point of contact. This saves you valuable time and resources and allows for higher accountability from the company providing the service.

In-house Design

The design stage is vital. The print packaging of your product should represent the brand creatively. This stage involves key decisions like how to use the brand colors, where to place the logo, how to incorporate essential information aesthetically on the package, etc. It will reduce back-and-forth iterations if the packaging design company has a competent creative team that can do this for you. Even if you have your own design ready, having an in-house design team to give valuable input when needed is a big plus.


The end goals of your business will always be customer satisfaction and profitability. So, choose print packaging services that will deliver what you need at the best rates. Pick a company that you can rely on to give you excellent quality at an optimized cost. An established print packaging company will strive to give you the most economical options without cutting corners or compromising on quality.

Agility and Alignment

It is important to choose a print packaging company that can grow with you, adapt to your changes with agility, and be aligned with your business ethos. Whether it be an increase in the scale of production or the addition of stores at different locations, an experienced packaging design company will be able to handle these changes without missing a beat on quality or delivery.

Customer Service

Communication is vital between different business processes and the same holds for print packaging services too. The packaging company should be able to handle your queries at a single access point and with accuracy so there are no unanticipated issues between the production and the delivery of your product.

Industry Standards

Like other industries, the packaging industry also has standards against which companies can benchmark themselves. Compliance with such standards indicates that the packaging company has been ratified by a third party against industry standards. So, a print packaging company that has been certified by ISTA or ASTM or similar standards has an added testimony for trust and quality.


Packaging is the first visibility of your brand to your customer so don’t leave the success of it to luck. Make an informed choice when picking a packaging design company for your business. Keeping the above essential criteria in mind you can narrow down your list significantly and you can be confident you will end up selecting one of the best print packaging companies in Brisbane.




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