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When it comes to enhancing your visual lifestyle, selecting the right reading glasses is essential. With stylish options available, such as blue light reading glasses in colored frames like red and pink, you can choose a pair that not only looks great but also protects your eyes effectively. Here's how to find glasses that fit perfectly with your daily routine and personal style.

Consider Your Daily Activities

Think about how you spend most of your day. Are you often in front of a computer for work, or maybe you love winding down with an e-book? Your activities dictate the kind of blue light protection you need. For frequent computer users, glasses like the Witty Blue Light Reading Glasses from Gry Mattr, which block up to 35% of blue light, are ideal. If you're a gamer or enjoy binge-watching TV shows, consider glasses with even higher blue light protection to reduce glare and eye fatigue during those long exposure hours.

Match Your Style

Your glasses are a part of your look. Choose frames that reflect your personal style. For those who love to stand out, blue light reading glasses in colored frames like red and pink are perfect. They add a pop of color and make a fashion statement while protecting your eyes. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes to find what best suits your face and style.

Optical Strength Matters

Selecting the correct optical strength ensures comfort, especially if you need magnification. If you're over 40 and new to magnifying lenses, start with a +1.25 strength. As you adjust or age, you might need to switch to a +1.50 or +2.00. Always have multiple pairs for different needs—like one at home and another at work. Consider keeping a pair in your bag for reading menus or screens while out.

Check for Comfort and Quality

Your glasses should be comfortable for long wear. Features like lightweight materials, adjustable nose pads, and a snug fit are important. Ensure they meet safety standards like the ANSI Z80.3 to guarantee they are well-made and durable. For instance, the Punctual Blue Light Readers offer a comfortable fit with their adjustable nose pads and are crafted for durability. Check the frame material—opt for hypoallergenic materials if you have sensitive skin.

Blue Light Blocking Capability

Glasses like the Suave Blue Light Reading Glasses not only look stylish but also come equipped with lenses that can block a significant amount of blue light, ensuring your eyes are protected from the strain of digital screens. This feature is crucial if your daily activities involve heavy screen time, helping you work or enjoy entertainment without the discomfort of eye strain.


Finding the perfect blue light glasses involves considering your lifestyle, fashion preferences, and eye health needs. Whether you opt for something stylish like blue light reading glasses in colored frames like red and pink or a more subdued pair, ensure they provide the protection and comfort you need. With Gry Mattr's variety of options, you're sure to find glasses that not only look great but also enrich your daily activities by keeping your vision clear and comfortable.


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