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Instagram is a wonderful app to share your personal moments, but do you know how and what can be used to sell goods on Instagram?

1 – Determining whether to sell.

First, decide what kind of items for Instagram users would be of interest. Also, find out the items sold on Instagram at the moment. More interest will still be drawn to fresh and interesting items, remember this!

2 – Look at successful food stores

Check out Instagram's retail shops and stores that offer items. Check out what they are doing, how they are selling, and what they are doing well. Create a new series of promotional tactics unique to you and your product on Instagram instead of repeating the same advertising strategy they have adopted.

3 – Open your shop

By setting up a username that identifies and makes you special on Instagram, you can open your own shop or store. It should be neither too long nor difficult to grasp the name you chose. Select a convenient username. Try not to use numbers.

4 – Use a reputable system for sales

By using e-commerce websites to create trust, many boutiques raise their profits. For example, you would have the ability automatically to profit from a sales page, a payment system, and reduced delivery rates if you choose a professional e-commerce platform.

5 – As a profile pic, use your corporate logo

You may be using your logo as an Instagram profile picture belonging to your shop or brand.

6 – Update your profile on Instagram

Write a brief, interesting, technical biography of your business about the goods and services you sell in your store, that you have presented over Instagram. Do not forget to include your e-mail address and phone number. For correspondence, you can use the direct Instagram application.

Trust and hygiene conditions for selling food online

Are you buying your products from a manufacturer? If you are going to buy products from another vendor and run this business as a reseller, it will be especially important whether the relevant supplier meets the requirements such as ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP Certification), HACCP certification. Because it will be difficult to establish trust in customers for a product you will sell online. Therefore, to have these certificates or to choose suppliers that have them, and even to share images of these certificates on Instagram will please your customers.

Before and after processing, physical (glass, metal, etc.), chemical (medicine, cleaning products, etc.), and biological contaminants (mold, bacteria, etc.) must be purified for foodstuffs to be of decent quality and safe. The regulations on hygiene and sanitation should be implemented correctly and efficiently at any point of development, from the field to the consumer's table.

During production, the cleaning of the environment where foodstuffs are processed, personnel cleaning, and determination of all kinds of preventive activities (HACCP) that will not cause contamination in the finished product is important at this stage. And Mandreel.com HACCP certification is also a supporting element for obtaining GMP certification.

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Mandreel – Singapore (HACCP Certification)


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