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If you have a magic cards collection, you must know that there are ample options for you to sell the cards, such as live events, eBay, and online buy lists.

The following guide will answer your question about how to sell magic cards and fetch you a good amount of money.

• Basics of selling magic cards

The Mythic rares have good value and then come uncommon and common magic cards typically sold at bulk prices such as $3 or $5 per thousand cards. There are magic cards of different rarity which are worth selling. People who have magic cards collection sell the cards for different reasons, and everyone wants to maximize their card value. However, you should know that if you want the right value for your card, this may be time-consuming. First, you need to sort your magic card collection and find the mythic rare, rare and expensive uncommon cards to sell the cards at higher prices individually.

• Selling and trading cards locally.

You can sell magic cards by trading with your friends and close ones. This is known as a tried-and-true approach that is highly effective and gives you a 100% guarantee of receiving the full value of your cards. You can have a tradeoff, and for that, you need to seek someone who has what you want in your return and who wants the card you have. Instead of trading, you can also sell magic cards for cash, where you can expect to receive 70-80% of the magic card value.

• Use your social media presence.

Social media is a good means for selling your magic cards. One of the most common and easiest ways to coordinate sales or trade-in magic cards is to do online such as through buy/sell groups, Facebook groups, social media groups, and group chats. However, there is a con of coming across fraudsters. It requires time to track down the right person to get a good value for your cards

• Buy listing

This is another way to sell your cards to a store where all trading challenges are easily eliminated. Local stores have the magic cards that you want in return however you’ll get slightly less value for your cards. You can go for buy listing for cash, where stores will set a certain% amount on the cards that they’ll pay you. The% depends on the type of card you have. For instance, you’ll get more value for an expensive and popular card like Modern staple. You’ll get more value if your card has a high demand.

• Marketplaces

There are many marketplaces like TCGplayer and eBay where you can directly sell your magic cards to players and earn a good value which even local stores can’t give. Your Birds of the paradise of $10 retail price would sell at 75-80% value. For $7-9, you’ve to pay 13% fees on marketplace sites. You need to be responsible for shipping the cards and managing all issues.

• List bulk rares collection on eBay or Craigslist.

Often people sell bulk rares in bundles and market them as 1000 rares and uncommon or 100 rare magic cards. Listing magic cards on these sites is a good way to reach out to the casual players who can pay you above the market value. This will give you higher profits compared to selling them in a shop.

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