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DVC timeshares are a dream come true for so many people, especially when Disney vacations are the ones you could never forget. However, owning a DVC timeshare isn’t for everyone, and there can be endless reasons why you may want to sell, and that’s okay!

In fact, that is what DVC resale experts are here for! They can help you throughout the whole selling experience to make it as efficient and successful as possible.

The Process

As we mentioned, DVC resale experts offer DVC members the opportunity to resale DVC points with ease. They have two flexible options with which you can choose to sell your membership.


If you know you’re ready to sell your DVC membership, then they have a form available on their website which allows you to input your basic DVC contract details and your contact information. Their experts will then begin working for you immediately. This opens up your DVC contract for the consideration of all buyers in the resale market and helps you achieve the highest possible sales price.


If an immediate sale is what you need, don’t worry! This is the option for you. While you will not get as much as the price that the experts would recommend listing it for in the resale market, this option guarantees you the peace of mind of knowing that you can sell your contract directly to the DVC experts team without waiting to receive offers.

What to Consider

DVC resale experts make the selling process as smooth and successful as possible. However, this isn’t always the case so they have a list of things that you should know when beginning the selling process. This includes:

  • knowing exactly what you own
  • the number of points you have and how many you have used up, borrowed, or banked
  • When your expiration year is
  • Which resort is your home resort, and any other important information

If you’re already panicking because you don’t know some, or all, of this information, then stop! 

If you are unsure then simply give Disney vacation club a call and ask questions about what you have. You can also ask for referrals about the best way to sell your DVC points to ensure you’ve got all the information you need to move forward without worry.

Most people who is looking in the list of Disney points for sale online, and listing your timeshare with a trusted company can ensure that the right buyers can find the listing. 

However, even while this seems like the right way of approaching you to sell DVC timeshare, you need to be extremely careful and consider the following things:

  • Be cautious of companies that promise to cancel your timeshare for an upfront fee; If they’re paid upfront, how motivated are they to sell your contract?  DVC Resale Experts only get paid when they’ve achieved your goals of selling your DVC contract.  
  • Take time to ask all the questions you have, and until you feel comfortable and safe with the answers you are being given, do not settle!
  • Where necessary, wait for the fidelity resales agent to walk you through the whole sales process. Fidelity agents are in a position to give you all the information regarding the resales market and all the other information related to DVC.
  • Manage your expectations. The DVC resale market is growing, but no one can give you the precise time your timeshare will sell. If they can, this is definitely a red flag!
  • Be aware that you may or may not make the same amount of money you invested in your DVC timeshare. However, a licensed real estate agent like DVC resale experts can guide you in determining the current market value for your property. 

DVC resale experts are not only licensed real estate agents but former DVC guides as well. Their professionals have complete knowledge and expertise from this direct Disney experience and are the most qualified to help you sell your timeshare at the highest price possible. 

So whatever the reason is for selling your timeshare, get in touch with DVC resale Experts today!

Original Source: https://bit.ly/3LB0Qzc


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