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OTT pricing factors play a mighty role in your streaming business performance. So it is important to choose your unique platform streaming characteristics that help you to set your broadcasting goals.

Creating an OTT pricing model is a key step in the development of your OTT platform. This requires significant planning and evaluation before setting the prices as per the market’s estimation

Serve The Purpose Of Content
The main purpose of your curated content depends on the pricing model with which you structure. And this depends largely on the purpose of your video package offered, which can influence your audience before considering buying them.

Delve Deeper Into Operating Costs
When we look into how popular top OTT platforms make money, operational costs play a dominant role to establish as the #1 player. Besides that, when you think to flourish your platform base, many factors come into play such as end-to-end development cycle, streaming software utilization, 3rd party partnerships, or producing original content. All of this helps to decide what sort of price tag you would estimate.

What’re Your Audience’s Preferences
Your audience understanding of your popular content will determine the sustenance of the cost of your OTT platform. As mentioned above, the increased importance of the purpose of videos will take a test on how much your users are willing to pay. Budget right from supplementary platform to all-inclusive specialized platform comes into major play to have a single or hybrid-based pricing model.

Biggest Of All Brand Recognition
Are you just starting to set and approach, or do you carry a large fan following? This question makes a lot of difference which decides if your users are willing to choose in the first place. Let’s say if your platform is in the 3rd or 4th recommended OTT service, definitely, people are unlikely to shell out tons of cashback at your place. So, a branded platform elevates your subs count since it’s been popular for a while.

Cross-Collateralization Keeps It On
Decide for yourself if your platform would solely make its journey in a competitive marketplace or drive real-world sales to use as a promotional tool! If you offer normal packages just as defined before, you can club models like advertisements & cross-collaborate to manage your platform expenses & get to offer low-cost subscriptions to your valuable customers.

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