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How to set up a direct debit?

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A direct debit, sometimes known as an immediate withdrawal, is a financial transaction in which one individual withdraws money from another person's bank account. It is commonly used for periodic payments that vary from one price to the next such as utility bills.

In Direct debits, before an organization can accept payments, they must be approved by a bank or utilize a commercial bureau to do so on their behalf. Also, any amount of direct debit instruction that has not been used to collect for more than 13 months will be immediately removed by the customer's bank. It is called the dormancy period.

The Benefits of Direct debit:

The benefits of using direct debit to your business or household expense are the same. Some of the advantages of Direct debits are as follows:

  • It distributes the price: If you pay your regular bills or business costs directly, you can spread the costs over a period, and the company you're paying have agreed.
  • Improved cash flow: Your cash flow becomes more predictable by assisting consumers in making timely payments. It is necessary because many small firms fail due to a lack of financial flow.
  • Highly effective business forecasting: Through direct debit, company planning is easier to build estimates from a more extensive base of stable, regular income.
  • Money-saving: Direct Debit is just as convenient and efficient for businesses as for consumers. As a result, many companies will give you a discount if you pay via Direct Debit.
  • It can save your Time: Direct Debit helps you save time in two ways. 
  • First, the payments are automatic, which means you'll spend less time chasing down clients.
  • Second, you may rapidly reconcile payments instead of wasting hours by verifying bank statements if you utilize a system that interacts with your accounting software, such as GoCardless with Xero.
  • More Flexible: Many companies provide a variety of flexible payment dates, allowing you to plan your bills more conveniently.

Why do you offer direct debit?

In cloud accounting software such as Xero, most bills are recurring. If you find yourself billing the same clients regularly, it may be time to consider setup direct debit payments.

  • Secure and Safe: Direct debits are incredibly safe because it's bank-to-bank transfers. That indicates that payments are secure, and there's less chance of fraud. It's one of the reasons why several governments and utility organizations accept payments by direct debit.
  • Popular with customers: For companies in the UK and Australia, direct debit is the best alternative to regular bank transfers when paying bills, according to GoCardless. After credit cards, direct debit is the primary method of paying bills.


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