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Do Not Disturb is an interesting feature, especially for those who attend meetings and official seminars. DND mutes all the incoming notifications in terms of sound, but it will continue receiving all the notifications and messages silently. It may seem strange, but if you are watching movies and fall asleep or attending an official meeting, then you can miss an important event, message, or reminder.  It can be easily applied on iPhone and Apple Watch.

DND plays an important part in most gadgets, but you can miss something important by disabling it. In case you like to let your device remind you about every task or event, it is recommended to enable it on your device; even you are using Apple Watch.

Here is how to use Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch:

What “Do Not Disturb” Can Do For You?

DND is an exciting feature introduced on iOS 6 that provides you the flexibility to let your device remain silent while you are in a meeting or attending an important lecture.

Let’s know what type of tasks done by the “Do Not Disturb” utility and how it’s an important tool for your smartphone and smart Apple Watch:

  • DND lets the device receive the messages and notifications in silent mode without disturbing the outer environment. You can check these received or collected emails or push notifications once you get free from your important tasks.
  • Once the DND is activated, your device won’t sound or vibrate even a little. It also restricts screen lights on your phone so that you won’t distract from your meetings.
  • You can easily schedule the DND as per your tasks, events, and meetings accordingly, like bedtime and morning when you used to get up. It can be managed automatically and manually.
  • You can exclude your important contacts and family members from Do Not Disturb so that they can contact you when necessary.
  • Do Not Disturb known your personal feelings, and thus it becomes disabled when someone attempts to call you two times in a three-minute time slot. It’s an important move of this feature that lets the users to respond if there is an emergency.
  • To ensure a safe driving experience, DND remains active while you are driving your vehicle. This process will temporarily block messages, push notifications, and calls coming on your device.

Setting Up DND on Your iPhone

In case you like to set up Do Not Disturb on your device, then follow these straightforward steps:

  • Get started; hit the gear-shaped icon to launch the Settings app.
  • Then, hit the Do Not Disturb option there.
  • Tap the DND toggle bar.
  • Now, you are all set. “Do Not Disturb” has been successfully set up.

Scheduling Do Not Disturb Activation

Do Not can be easily scheduled to activate and deactivate notification and alert sounds automatically as per your requirements. In order to do the same, follow these steps:

  • Initially, hit the cogwheel icon to launch the Settings app.
  • Then, press the Do Not Disturb option there.
  • Activate the Scheduled Toggle bar.
  • Go to the “From” box and then move the wheel to set the DND activation time when you like the same to get turned on.
  • Hit the “To” box and then set the same when you like to turn it off.

Customizing DND Settings on Your Device

If you like to customize your DND Settings, follow these straightforward steps:

  • At the start, open the Settings app on your device.
  • Then, press the Do Not Disturb option to adjust the Do Not Disturb Settings.
  • Allow Calls From: It allows some calls you assigned. You can use the address book or Favorites section to make a selection of your contacts.
  • Silence: In this section, you need to select the state where you like the DND to remain silent or ring once it gets activated. You can select the option like “While iPhone is locked” and “Always.”
  • Repeated Calls: Once it is enabled, you will get a ring sound if someone calls you two times in three minutes duration in case of any emergency.

Note: You will receive the call even if the particular person is not chosen for the “Allow Calls From” lists.

Setting Up Do Not Disturb on Your Apple Watch for iPhone

Here is how to set up DND right on your wearable device:

  • First of all, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone screen.
  • Then, scroll down and then press the “General” button.
  • After that, press the “Do Not Disturb” option there.
  • Now, turn on the Mirror iPhone feature. Alternatively, you can enable DND automatically once you are going to start your workout. To do the same, you need to toggle “Workout Do Not Disturb” to ON.

Enabling DND Manually on Apple Watch

In case you like to enable Do Not Disturb right on your Apple Watch, then follow these straightforward steps:

  • Initially, tap the Digital Crown button until you see the screen of your wearable device.
  • Now, swipe the screen upward to launch the Control Center.
  • Hit the Do Not Disturb tab there.
  • Select a particular duration for Do Not Disturb from the prompting list.
  • If you like to disable the DND, repeat the same instructions as written above and then toggle the bar towards off instead of turning it on.

Once you have understood how to set up and use DND on your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can easily schedule DND using the Settings app on your device. If you are using a wearable device, go to Control Center by pressing the Digital Crown and hitting the Do Not Disturb option. You can quickly turn off the feature by toggling the On/Off bar to Off.

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