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Now, that you have got your Alexa app it’s time to transform your life and make it more fun and interesting. The remarkable functionality of the speaker will let you amazed your world new and exciting. So, let’s get started with the Alexa setup and see what your new smart speaker do? Well, the question is what it can’t do because you issue your command it will be following the same. Starting from playing your favourite music, to google searches, adding products to your cart to setting alarms, creating to-do lists to building reminder, reading emails to controlling your smart home gadgets. Get the Alexa app and you can do this all at one place.

Here’s a step by step guide of Alexa dot setup:

Download the Alexa app

The Alexa app is available for download both on IOS and Google play store. Search, hit download and install the app on your device and get set for the setup. The Alexa app for PC is now also available. For that you need to have Windows 10 in your PC and then it will be compatible to download the Alexa app for PC. For that just go to the website and download the PC version from there.

Plugin the Alexa dot

Connect your Alexa dot to a power source using the cords that come with it. Plug the power adapter and turn on the device. This will turn the light from blue to orange which means Alexa dot setup is ready to take place.

Connect the Alexa dot to Wi-Fi

Now, you need to connect your Alexa dot to a Wi-Fi network and for that open the Alexa app on your device. What you need to do next is search through the available networks and select the one which you want to connect to.

If you have multiple Amazons devices, then make sure you select the device you want to connect to manually. Once you have found your Alexa dot, click on it and connect to the Wi-Fi network connection by entering the password.

Start issuing your commands to Alexa

Say the wake word first and now you are ready to use your Amazon smart speaker. If there are multiple devices you can change the wake word and customize it as per your choice.

Start using your Alexa dot

You have successfully completed the Alexa dot setup and now you are ready to make use of its amazing functionality. It’s going to make your day-to-day life so much more exciting and it will never be the same again. Now, say the wake word whichever you have chosen and started issuing your orders. The Alexa will revert with a Hello and it’s going to be an amazing experience for you if you are using it the first time.

Connect Alexa dot to your smart home devices Alexa Smart Devices

Now, you have got the power to control your smart home device with your phone and for that, you need to connect them with your smart speaker. To do that:1) Go to the Alexa app menu and then from the Devices tab click on the + sign to Add Device.2) A list of devices will be available and Select the device you want to connect.3) Now, Alexa dot is ready to pair with smart devices which you can later control with your voice using the smart speaker.4) Get ready to make use of its amazing features and functions and you will be left in awe and admiration for its technology.


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