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Are you a victim of oblivion? You go through the same “where are my keys” procedure every morning, don't you? Are you looking for your car when you leave the mall because you don't remember where you parked it? Do you describe things like routes, reminders, shopping lists – and can't find the information when you need it? Are you looking for best Nootropics to solve your memory problems? Forgetting where we kept our most important things can be frustrating and can slow us down a lot.

What about names? Forgot someone's name as soon as you hear it? This can be confusing, especially in business. Do you leave home without everything you need and then remember what you forgot when you arrived at your destination halfway? You put your cell phone in the wrong place and then you need to call yourself to find it?

You are not alone! Forgetting is a common problem for many of us, and it does not mean that the brain loses its functionality. Although studies show that memory, response time, and attention will decrease over time, losses are more likely to occur due to a lack of brain load than due to a decrease in brain capacity.

You can use a number of exercises to improve brain function and sharpen memory. To improve your memory, start using its capabilities, but do not use it. You can strengthen your memory by changing your thinking and habits. Changing habits and thinking in different ways improves cerebral circulation and encourages the use of both sides of the brain. This improves not only memory but also other brain functions.

To remember means to record new information in long-term memory. This requires attention. If you come home and release your car keys anywhere, you probably won't remember where they are in the morning. Instead, you can simply start searching the house and the steps of the night before. If you go to the mall and don't pay attention to where you parked, you obviously don't remember where to find your car.

To comment on new information, add it to what you already know. If you've just met Bill, connect him to this unpaid email account. If you want to remember where you parked in the mall, connect the parking space to something visible, such as the nearest specialty store.

Maintaining a healthy brain and keen memory requires the same regular exercise as physical fitness and Nootropics as dietary supplements. One of the best ways to train your brain is to challenge your brain with aerobics! Something as simple as choosing a different route of work moves your brain, just like listening to new music or having dinner when you've never tried it. To find an even bigger challenge in your brain, perform short tasks with your non-dominant hand.

The problem is that we feel so good in acquaintances that we stay in the same routine. It does not help the brain to stay in shape. To train your brain regularly, it is important to change your daily routine in a small but meaningful way. Nootropics being highest quality cognitive enhancers involves different parts of the brain in the game, improves cerebral blood flow and strengthens neural connections between different parts of the brain. Regular exercise for the brain can even prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease.


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