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How to solve tenant complaints?

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Do you have tenants who complain frequently? Tenants' complaints are common in commercial property management. And they're one of the most difficult challenges you can face. If you think that you are frustrated while resolving your tenant's complaints or facing several issues while managing your property, you can hire Orlando property management companies to look after this. Here's our guide to dealing with them quickly and effectively:

1) Listen to the tenant

If the tenants contacted you, then it means that they want your help or at least an explanation. Don't ignore the complaint and don't get defensive, instead:

– Listen to what they have to say

If you hear them out, they may have a valid complaint or concern that can be easily fixed. If you don't understand the nature of their complaints, ask them politely to explain it further.

– Find a solution together

If you feel that their complaint is valid but outside your authority, offer them help to look for other solutions. You can recommend other professionals, or Orlando property management companies that may be able to assist.

2) Get all the facts

Tenant complaints are a challenge for commercial property management because a simple misunderstanding can escalate quickly. Make sure you have all the necessary information before taking action:

– Verify your records If they complained about an issue, check what's in your files. It may be that you have overlooked something or maybe even made a mistake because you weren't aware of it.

– Verify your tenant's complaint

If they complained about something, make sure to ask about the details. Talk to them in person if possible. If not, call or email them when necessary to clarify what happened.

– Verify other tenants' complaints

If several tenants complained about the same issue, then it may be valid. Don't jump to conclusions too quickly even if you think that they are overreacting. Get all the information first before passing judgment

– Verify outside circumstances

If there's an emergency situation like a leaking pipe or power outage, ask your tenant for proof of the damage or of a call they made to get assistance. It's possible that the claim is valid but not their fault

– Get more information if needed Sometimes tenants aren't aware of why something happened to them, particularly in cases where it may be an issue with the building structure. If you need to, call for expert advice before taking action.

– Document your findings

Put a note about the issue, the complaint, and what actions you took to resolve it. Keep these records for future reference if needed. Also, share this information with other property managers or leasing agents. This way everyone is aware of recurring issues that cause complaints from tenants

3) Act immediately Don't let complaints pile up

Make sure to put a reminder on your schedule so you won't forget about them:

– Escalate complaints that require immediate action If it's a roof leak in the middle of a storm, a broken water supply, or an electrical outage, address it immediately. Assign someone to deal with it so everything will be solved before the next business day

– Address complaints that don't require immediate action If it's a complaint about the cleaning crew or trash collection, you can wait until the following business day to address it. But be sure to take care of smaller issues before they become bigger ones

– Resolve simple complaints right away Follow up with tenants to check if everything was handled properly. You can also offer them compensation if needed.

4) Keep the lines of communication open

Make sure to always be reachable when it comes to complaints from tenants:

– Keep tenants informed. Be transparent about why certain things happen, even if you believe they are not at fault. Let them know what steps you're taking to resolve the issue and let them give their opinion as well. They may have a good idea that you can use so don't dismiss their complaints outright

– Continue to communicate. You may want to follow up on unresolved complaints and give your tenant an update. Let them know when you plan on addressing the issue and what steps you're taking

5) Follow through on your commitments 

Make sure that you keep the promises you made to your tenants so they stay in good terms with you.

– Explain whether or not something is possible. Let them know if the problem can be fixed immediately or if it's a recurring issue that cannot be resolved right away. They will understand why certain things happen under these circumstances

Final Words

When it comes to complaints from tenants, a little effort goes a long way. It shows that you care about their needs and wants and makes them more satisfied with their living situation. The best way to resolve the tenant complaints is to always be polite and Don't try to shift responsibility or blame. Even if you are not responsible for what happened, it is still better to assume responsibility and apologize for what you can control. Still, you think, it's not your piece of cake then hire Orlando property management companies. they will manage everything for you.



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