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No matter how simple or elaborate your coffee area is, keeping it clean is the best way to ensure your coffee tastes the best it can. Since spring is almost here, what better time than now to tackle this chore? Adding a deep cleaning of this essential part of your home to your spring-cleaning list will allow you to enjoy your delicious small-batch artisanal coffee box subscription that much more.

Clearing Off Your Countertops

Coffee tends to stain materials; depending on how you prepare your coffee, it can leave behind quite the mess. Between the dirty appliances, tools, spills, and sloshes, your coffee station will likely need a good scrub down.

Start by removing everything from your coffee station area. Put all the mugs and other items like your sugar dish, cream pitcher, and any other dishes you might have in your coffee station in the wash. While the dishes are washing in the dishwasher, wipe down and sanitize the countertop, backsplash, cabinets, drawers, and any other nearby surfaces.

Cleaning Your Coffeemaker

By far, the most time-consuming activity of the cleaning process, and the most essential, is cleaning your coffeemaker. It’s always good to check the owner’s manual or look online for specific instructions before cleaning. In general, try not to use any soaps or harsh cleaners. Use natural products like distilled vinegar, lemon, salt, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide to clean your coffeemaker. A clean coffeemaker will help ensure the coffee you order from your favorite online coffee roasters is on point.

Cleaning Your Grinder

If you use a burr grinder, be advised not to use water to clean the grinding mechanism. If the hopper and the grounds holder can be removed, those items can be washed in water. The easiest way to clean these surfaces is to use a small wire brush with your grinder (if it comes with a brush). Brushing away at the surface of the burrs, between the teeth, and inside the grinding chamber removes most of the residual coffee material and should help remove oils. Use a soft cloth to wipe the rest of the machine down. If you are unsure how to clean your burr grinder properly, follow the cleaning instructions in the manual, or look online for a tutorial.

Organizing Your Coffee Area

Once your coffee corner is squeaky clean, it’s time to organize it so it remains that way. Think about how you can arrange your setup to serve your needs, maximize space, and find things quickly. Lost keys are one thing, but lost coffee is an emergency. Consider adding a shelf to keep your coffee bags off the counter and away from potential spills. You can add decorative hooks below the shelves to hang your favorite mugs and spruce up the space. If shelving isn’t possible, add cup hooks beneath your kitchen cabinets. Cup hooks are a simple and effective way to display your coffee mugs while keeping them off the counter, providing more counter space to create the perfect coffee station.

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