How to Stand out as a Man with Trendy Hairstyles

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Have you ever seen a young man on the streets of London with hair to die for? This is not a woman admiring a man but you as a full-grown male looking at the way a fellow male has his hairdresser. Pure elegance as the wind goes through his hair. You might touch your hair, wondering why you have not taken that bold step in trying something new with yours. Most people tend to stick with the low-cut hair they have had since high school because of fear. The fear comes from not getting the right hair salon to trust. It is understandable; you cannot understand the pain of your hair being messed up by a barber unless it has happened to you before. However, that fear should no longer anymore at the sight of Servbetter; this platform has quality male hairdressers in London that you can choose from. The platform houses emergency barbering and hairdressing solutions for men, with premium companies offering these services. So, you can rest easy with the hairstyle you want. 

Now that the dilemma of where to get the fancy hairstyle creeps in.  Those styles that you have always seen on the classiest men on the streets of London. The next step is choosing a hairstyle. Unless you want to give full liberty to the hairstylist, most people already have a style in mind for their hair. With this in mind, let's take a look at the most effective ways to style your hair as a man. 

Combing and Brushing

You might be wondering why we are talking about combing and brushing your hair. This is a pretty simple thing; all you do is take the comb or the brush, depending on the length and texture of the hair and follow through with strokes. How hard can that be, right? on the contrary, you have to understand that combing and brushing can take different forms and styles. For thick, wavy hair, a wide-toothed comb is most appropriate to distribute the hair properly.

You can also brush when you have straight and long hair. There are different intricacies in using these two methods; therefore, it is their brushing and combing. Knowing which style weekly best fits your texture and style is important. 

Blow Drying

Let's say you have to be somewhere quickly and there isn't enough time to style your hair properly. Blow drying your hair cuts on time and allows you to have straight hair that makes it easy for you to comb or brush. You can brush and blow depending on the style you are going for that day. 

Short Hair

You might to need as much determination as the long-haired men for short hair, although you still need to take care of it all the same. You can use a quality hair product and apply it to your roots. Ensure that the product touches every part of the hair and then brushes down.  You can use a blow-dryer if you want, but you can opt for combing the hair if you are going for an IVY League kind of style. 

Short Curly Hair

First things first, start conditioning the hair to ensure it is not dry. Also, try to get a separate two for the hair to prevent the loss of texture. You should add the hair products and massage the roots deeply. This might be harder for curly hair for obvious reasons, but it is important to get to the roots. 


In many ways, hairdressing for men is a bit straightforward but really easy to miss the guidelines. You have to be dedicated if you want to style your hair, as it needs a lot of attention regardless of the length and texture. This is why it is important to go on Servbetter to find professional hairdressers in London that can get the job done in no time. 


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