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How to start an international recruitment company agency in India

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International recruitment company agencies play a crucial role in finding suitable candidates for employers. The external firms help the employers and act as a go-between for the employers and the candidates. In other words, the agencies act as a bridge between job seekers and employers. The recruitment agencies are well organized with professionals to identify the right talent and hire suitable candidates for the companies and organizations. The staffing agencies are generally workplace matchmakers.


A recruitment agency is important because it enhances the ability to meet the high-quality candidate. Apart from this, the agency recruiters are experienced enough to identify the right candidate. Moreover, the organization is always looking to save time by hiring candidates, and that's why they believe in recruitment agencies. They are the perfect solution that can help identify and reach out to the passive job seeker. They act as a bridge between the employees and job seekers. An agency looks for the job vacancies available in the market and who are the potential candidates to fill the position. A recruitment agency is very quick with the hiring process to find the right candidate for the organization as fast as possible.


How can you start an international recruitment agency?


If you are looking to start an international recruitment agency, the section will guide you to start a recruitment business. In addition, you will get expert tips about starting recruitment agencies in the below section.


In every business, human resources are considered to be the biggest asset. India is a country with a large population. If you are planning for the business of recruitment agencies, then you will have plenty of opportunities to step your business forward. Without further discussion, let's take a look at the various processes you have to consider before starting the recruitment business in the country.


Registration for your business


The business entity is the most important parameter that you have to decide before starting your recruitment business. Whether you want to start your business as a partnership, LLP, or private limited company, you have to decide on this fact. Upon starting the recruitment business, considering the limited liability protection for the promoters is also an important parameter.


Registration for the tax


The purpose of the recruitment business is to provide recruitment or recruiting services to employers and job seekers. Hence, service tax registration and compliance with tax regulations are very important for the business. One of the tax registration processes that you have to undergo is GST registration for your business. For example, suppose the annual turnover of your company exceeds rupees 20 lakh. However, there is no question of TIN registration as the business is not involved in the transaction of goods and products.


An accountant for handling the financial transaction


You are starting your business, and you will have a lot of financial transactions. Hence you need an accountant who can deal with all your financial transactions and analyze all the financial documents. Accountants play a role crucial in dealing with the various account-related chores in the business. Therefore, when you are employing an accountant for the business requirement, you must retain the accountant so that he can help you in all transactions.


Marketing the agency


Marketing is crucial for any business to make your company visible to the public. Whether you are looking to promote yourself online or offline, it is important to take every step possible to change your business. With the advancement in technology, most of the population is on social media. As a business owner, you should take the opportunity to showcase your business to the entire world. LinkedIn, naukri.com, and other related websites can be used to promote your company.


Creating a recruitment strategy


Once you are done with all the above processes, it's important to create a recruitment strategy and concentrate on it. To create an international recruitment company agency , you must have a clear plan. A plan that will speak about the companies you want to approach for the recruitment process: the strategy must align with the organization's objectives and be easy to implement.




Now that you know all the steps you should consider while starting your international recruitment company agency business, it's important to think about the type of service you would offer and consider your service fees. Apart from this, you should also take some time to consider the amount of money you would invest in advertising your agency.






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