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PCO driving is a lucrative career, and more and more people are taking it up either as a side hustle or a full-time career to counter the rising cost of living in the UK. While it has a lot of benefits, it has a few drawbacks too. In this case, it's the risk of riding with unknown people throughout the day.


PCO drivers come across hundreds of people. While most people don't create any problems, some people commit crimes and put PCO drivers at risk. Despite these rare incidents, there is still a safety risk for the PCO driver.


In this regard, the PCO driver's safety is very important. Here are some tips for PCO drivers that can help them stay safe while riding with different passengers daily.

1. Install a Dashcam or a CCTV

Having a camera installed on your dashboard or a CCTV camera that records everything going on in your car is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe. Installing a dash cam and a CCTV is legal in cars, and TfL (Transport for London) allows it to keep the drivers and other passengers safe in case a person commits a crime in the car and proper evidence is recorded.


Moreover, the presence of a camera reduces the likelihood of a person committing a crime because they know they will be recorded and can easily be caught. There are several other benefits of getting a dashcam; take a look at them here.

2. Don't Show-Off Money

When driving a PCO car, make sure you don't have your cash on display. Keep it in a place where the passengers won't know it's there. It's also a smart idea to carry as less cash as possible. Some of the most common crimes in PCO cars are stolen or snatched cash from the drivers.


Apart from that, make sure not to wear expensive watches, chains, or bracelets. Street criminals often rob drivers wearing gold chains and other expensive jewellery or accessories.


3. Be Alert at All Times

One of the most important aspects of PCO driving is always staying alert. This includes when you're parked, stuck in traffic, stopped at a signal light, or driving at high speed. Being alert doesn't just mean knowing what is happening around you on the road, but also what's happening inside your car.


Never underestimate any passenger, no matter how friendly or harmless they seem. Additionally, make sure you eat and sleep well so you can stay focused during the day.


4. Know Your Way Around the City

One of the most common reasons for disputes between PCO drivers and passengers is taking the passenger through a route they didn't want or one which took more time. These disputes, in rare cases, can turn into assaults.


The best way to avoid these types of disputes is to know your way around the city and take your passenger from whichever route they want or recommend. You can also use Google maps or Waze to help you reach your destinations through the recommended routes. Here's how both of these applications help PCO drivers.

5. Get a Clear Destination from Your Passenger

Before starting a ride, request the customer to provide an exact destination for where they're heading. Record it on your travel log or sheet.  Some clients might provide an unclear destination. Try to get them to tell you a specific location.


If they seem uncertain, take this as a warning. This is a typical sign that they just want you to start driving before they make a move. Simply inform them that you are not moving and need a specific address before starting the ride as per the company's policy.


These tips can help you stay safe in case of a crime or any other incident. However, these incidents usually don't occur, and PCO driving is a safe career option. If you're planning to start your PCO driving career, G&M Direct Hire can help you.


They are a PCO Car rental service in London that provides the latest hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric cars on rent. Their fleet includes Kia E-Niro, Toyota Prius Plus, Nissan Leaf, and more. They can also help you obtain a PCO license.


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