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Some of the most common questions are to steep, not to steep, or how to steep cheap vape juice. If you are one of the enthusiastic vapers who like to DIY liquid, you must be looking for the secret to perfect steeping. However, while discussing the E liquids, we can say that steeping is a misleading term that can be rightfully replaced by aging. Steeping is more appropriate for the process that includes infusing solids in a liquid to extract its flavour.

So, what is steeping?

In the vape world, steeping your pound liquid vape refers to letting it age and mature for a better taste, as you may have already known that an E-liquid comprises four main ingredients: PG, VG, food-grade flavouring, and nicotine. Moreover, there may be some amount of alcohol in the E liquid, depending upon the flavour you have chosen. Nonetheless, during the steeping or aging process, this alcohol mostly evaporates. Therefore, steeping allows the ingredients to blend in correctly. As a result, you can have the E liquid’s smoother and more pronounced aroma and flavour.

As you can notice, there is no solid substance present in cheap vape juice. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to designate the process as aging.

Why steep my one pound liquid at all?

Establishing a collection of exotic 10ml vape juice is undoubtedly impressive. However, if you wish to step up your game, you need to make your cheap vape juice. Because sometimes, a steeped DIY one pound liquid tastes much better than fresh E-liquid. You may wonder why you have to steep your one-pound E liquid. Steeping blends the main ingredients and improves the flavour making it well-rounded. Hence, your 1 pound E liquid will lose its chemical notes and harshness and will be more pleasant to vape.

Most of the £1 E liquid available in the market are steeped to some extent because E liquids are most likely stored on the shelves for some time before it reaches the end user. However, if you are doing some DIY experiment and buying your composition of E liquid and 72mg nicotine salts UK, it will be fresh. Hence, chances are it will taste much better if you steep it.

It is believed that homogenization, evaporation, degasification, and Maillard reaction are the chemical and physical changes that take place while you steep cheap vape juice to make it taste better. However, some vapers advocate that only some pound liquids need steeping for the best flavour. On the contrary, vapers claim that some liquids taste better over time, whereas some E-liquids turn out worse. In short, steeping may sometimes work, but sometimes it won’t.

So, whether you decide to steep or not steep, you must keep in mind that the more complex the flavours, such as custard, and tobacco, the more steeping it will need.

There are various methods for steeping. Let’s discover some.

How do I Steep cheap vape juice?

There are mainly three different methods to steep your 10ml vape juice.  


Resting refers to keeping the E liquid in a cool, dark place for some time with occasional shaking. Resting is the most prolonged method of steeping. However, it is the most recommended as it requires no input or effort. The time needed for your £1 liquid to rest for steeping may range from a day to several weeks. As a rule of thumb, the more time you give your pound E liquid to rest, the better the taste will be.

Notably, you can use streathing to determine if your Liquid’s taste is at its optimum. We shall look into it later!


Breathing is just like resting. However, you open the container’s lid in breathing. It removes the excess aroma from the flavoured E liquid. However, it would help if you were wary of doing more harm than good. Because, if done too much, breathing may mute the flavour and oxidize the nicotine. Experts advise you to breathe your £1 E liquid for almost 12 hours with an open lid followed by 72 with the cap on. You can repeat the process until your liquid reaches the optimum flavour. Breathing employs the natural processes of evaporation and degasification to get you the best E liquid flavor. Again, you can check the taste of your E liquid via streathing.

Water Bath 

A water bath refers to placing your £1 E liquid bottle into a warm container of water. The warms up the liquid and speeds up the steeping process. If you are a little impatient to vape your E liquid, the water bath is the suitable steeping method for you. However, it may also lead to degrading your E liquid, such as if the temperature is too high. You can perform the water bath method in ultrasonic cleaners, a slow cooker, or a hot water bowl. No matter if it is the fastest method, it is the most complex method too.

Indeed, the main reason behind speeding up the process is that heated molecules move faster, homogenizing the mixture.

So, what is the best way to steep cheap vape juice?

As you are well-acquainted with all the steeping procedures, you must know that your final choice relies on your outcomes. If you have time, you may go for breathing; if you want it to be quick and tasty, you will have to go for the water bath. First, however, you can try the following steps to steep your E liquid quickly while maintaining the taste.

  • Let your E-liquid breathe with its lid off for about 6 hours
  • Please keep it in a water bath for 1 hour at 60 degrees
  • Rest your W liquid in a cool dark place for about 24 hours

Repeat these steps until you get your optimum flavour taste. Typically, it may take 3 days to 2 weeks to achieve your desired taste.

Finally, what is streathing?

As mentioned earlier, streathing refers to the process of testing your E liquid to indicate the ideal steeping period for your favourite flavours. During streathing, you try the liquid at regular intervals and track the tasting notes. Hence, you will be able to get the ideal time to the steep cheap vape juice for the best flavour.

This article is taken from https://www.cheapeliquid.uk/how-to-steep-cheap-vape-juice-is-it-necessary/.



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