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How To Strengthen Your Outdoor Cycling With Indoor Cycling?

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You know what they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish. So, if you have any desire to get on with your outdoor cycling there are a few things you may do to accomplish that desire. And the best part, you don’t need to reveal your plan to the outer world as you may do it within the walls of your place. Indoor cycling is one of those secret tricks that can help you work on your stamina, fitness, and speed without the need to step out. All you need is to enter keywords like “bike stores near me” and see where you can get the right equipment to create the set-up indoors.

Good indoor cycling set-up starts with a smart exercise bike or some smart trainers that can connect with an app on your smartphone and align with the on-screen gameplay as you peddle. There are endless ways to keep yourself engaged with this regime, the most counted ones include completing routes, racing against real bikers from other parts of the world, earning badges, and joining virtual ride groups.

But remember, the final goal is to prepare yourself for the real event and maintain your fitness. There is a lot that goes into that preparation, you will need to strategize your refuelling and hydration plans, route recons, choose the right kind of cycling accessories, and pacing strategy, and learn the right kind of race tactics. It doesn’t matter if the event is on a regular path, gravel, mountain road or just an off-road track, indoor cycling can help you in several different ways. We are not saying it is the only tool, but it is effective in many ways. But it is a reliable tool that can be used to prepare especially if the conditions are hostile in the real world and you need to keep working despite all hell going loose. Here are a few more reasons why you need to give indoor cycling a chance:

  • Smart bikes and turbo trainers can help you get a measure of your real strength.
  • Unless you want to stop, there aren’t any interruptions.
  • You can learn to recon the routes using virtual course recons.
  • Get route specificity by using the virtual screen recons.
  • Lastly, it can help you develop proprioception which is the sense of perceiving a movement, location or even activities of different body parts.



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