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Just like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, DuckDuckGo is also a search engine, but way more secure and private. It has been available for users since 2008, and now users can find every type of information on it. You can find the latest news, videos, websites, blogs, answers and a lot of things on it. So if you have already tried DuckDuckGo, and now wish to use it instead of Google, here’s what you need to do into your preferred browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the highly utilized web browser, and you set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. To set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, follow:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Pres on three dots at the top-right side of the browser.
  • Press Settings.
  • Select the Search engine option.
  • In the drop-down menu, choose DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.

Mozilla Firefox

Almost every popular web browser now includes DuckDuckGo in search engine options, and Mozilla Firefox is among those browsers. To choose DuckDuckGo as a search engine, follow:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Press on the three lines or hamburger icon at the top-right side of the browser.
  • Choose the Preferences option.
  • Press Search option.
  • Now under the Default Search Engine, press on the drop-down menu and select DuckDuckGo.

Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Press on the three-dots.
  • Enter the Settings.
  • Press the Privacy, Search and Services option.
  • Under the Services menu, select the Address bar and search option.
  • Choose DuckDuckGo as the default search engine for the Search engine used in the address bar menu.

Apple Safari

  • Start your Mac, and launch Safari browser.
  • Press on the Safari menu.
  • Choose the Preferences option.
  • Press the Search tab, and select DuckDuckGo below the Search engine drop-down menu.

Install DuckDuckGo Browser Extension

Setting up DuckDuckGo as a default search engine isn’t enough for you, and then you can download and install the DuckDuckGo browser extension for further assistance. Luckily, DuckDuckGo extension is available for all popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

DuckDuckGo browser extension will block all web trackers automatically, and you won’t see a lot of ads. By using this extension, you can also check how many websites are trying to track your browsing activity. You can also use the DuckDuckGo extension as an additional search engine that will keep browsing data fully protected.

Get Answers like Google on DuckDuckGo

While asking a question on Google, you often get a relevant reply in snippet form at the top. However, Google isn’t the only search engine to give relevant answers in snippets, DuckDuckGo can also give you relevant answers in the same form.

Download DuckDuckGo Mobile App

DuckDuckGo mobile app is also available for both Android and iOS users. In both of the respective OS, open the PlayStore and App Store and find DuckDuckGo web browser. The DuckDuckGo web browser works similarly to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 


Keeping data protected and the web browser’s security is not an easy thing right now, but DuckDuckGo is a unique tool that works perfectly under every condition. It is available in form of extension, mobile app, and search engine. DuckDuckGo doesn’t save web history and cookies and restricts those websites which track the user’s location.

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Source :- https://computersoftware410578901.wordpress.com/2021/04/09/how-to-switch-to-duckduckgo-private-engine/


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