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Teaching kids can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences, especially when you see how they progress and learn the language. As an English language tutor, you need to be friendly and exciting when teaching kids.

They love creativity, exciting elements and interactive sessions. If they don't get it, they are distracted to the point that makes it hard for you to teach. Therefore, when teaching students a language, make sure you know how to go about it!

If you have recently stepped into the online world, you have to understand what and how it is done. Let’s roll in.

  1. Speak Slowly!


When we naturally speak with adults, we rattle, talk quickly, and share a lot of information. Kids, however, take time to process, understand and evaluate a topic.

They hear every word and might have many questions related to it. Now, teaching a foreign language to them can be a bit challenging. So, you, as a private English language tutor, need to activate your slo-mo mode to tutor them in English.

  1. Break Down Words


Here, you have to break down each word! Do not break down sentences; try to explain the meaning of one word at a time. They may be new to the English word, so they need practice and repetition.

As English language tutors Online, Break down the same into more minor terms that are understandable and easy to pronounce. If you are teaching them a concept, try to relate it with something interesting.

  1. Use Props and Visual Aids


An attractive element to make the online tutoring session exciting and interactive. Props and visual aids will create attention and reduce distraction too! The kids will be interested in learning the language, and visual aids will help retain the knowledge.

The students can connect and understand the concept in multiple ways. So, you, as a private English tutor online, try to teach these elements into your learning to make the session fun.

  1. Add Audio and Video Component


Even if you have a good voice, you need to modify your teaching. Try to add audio and video components by playing a tune, fun via fun and engaging videos one of the ways how you can make a good and interactive session for the kids.

Children love to indulge in tunes and videos, especially cartoon characters. So bring that into your teaching to indulge the satisfaction of your music.


Now that you know what difference you can make when teaching English to kids!  It is time that you step up and enjoy tutoring sessions.

Last but not least, some time to smile because kids love it! When you show them you are happy and indulge, they feel delighted.

Remember, kids lose confidence when they don't find the session interesting. So, as private English tutors, it is your responsibility to create a fun time that makes them remember what they have learned so far.




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