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How to Track Your Sleep with The Apple Watch

Apple Watch allows its users to track their sleep duration, create sleep schedules, and set sleep duration. Here’s how you can do it for your overall wellbeing and health.

Sleep tracking is one of the various features that Apple Watch offers to its users. When you understand your sleeping patterns, it helps you immensely improve your sleep quality and quality. In turn, it can help you improve your overall wellbeing and health. Improving users’ overall health and wellbeing is the main reason why Apple introduced a sleep tracking feature to its Apple Watch.

Apple Watch & Its Evolution Over Time

Apple introduced sleep tracking features natively to its smartwatch with the watchOS 7 updates last year. The tech giant introduced several exciting features on its Watch. But, its entry in the sleep tracking game was a bit late. Meanwhile, many other sleep tracking apps for its smartwatch have already picked up the slack.

However, when the company launched the functionality, it packed its app with the high-quality accelerometer of the Apple Watch. No doubt, the sleep tracking app was able to detect micro-movements during your sleep that includes respiration also. It means it can offer you a good solution for tracking your sleep.

What Sleep App Allows For?

You can use the Sleep app on your Apple Watch to find out when you go to sleep. Also, you can find out when you wake up. Plus, it can tell you how much sleep you get during the night. The app track sleep habit over time. Users can use it to know about their sleep trends weekly. Users can use this information to set sleep schedules, functionalities, and goals that Apple Watch offers.

Setting Sleep Tracking App on Apple Watch: Here’s How

To enable the Sleep Tracking app on Apple Watch, you will need to click on the Sleep app to open it. The Sleep Tracking app is represented a bed symbol. Once you enable the app, you can set up your desired sleeping time or bedtime. Plus, you can set up your wake-up time. Here, you can also enable the alarm option.

When you tap on the ‘Full Schedule,’ it allows you to add a new schedule for your sleeping time. Besides, you can change your existing schedule by setting the desired amount of sleep goal using the option. When tapping on ‘Wind Down,’ you can send Apple Watch into sleep mode by turning off its screen. Further, you can enable Do Not Disturb mode.

You can set a schedule for particular days and also adjust it whenever you want. In addition, users can view their sleep history by scrolling down from the home screen of your device app. Here, you can view the sleeping pattern of your previous night and the average sleeping pattern of the last 14 days.

Above all, users can enable and adjust many settings to take advantage of the sleep tracking app on their iPhones. For example, you can adjust the timings to be seen or not when enabling sleep mode for Apple Watch. Plus, you can enable the reminders to ensure that your Apple Watch is charged adequately for tracking sleep patterns.

Moreover, you can enable haptic taps or alarms to wake up. You can access all these and much more through the Apple Watch’s Settings app. Apart from these, a new version of the Sleep app is available for the iPhone. Users can use this to sync their sleep data. Plus, they can use the Night Shift app to reduce blue light.

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