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Consistency is the key to everything, and the same goes for Muay Thai, after regular training and fights you will get better steadily. Choosing a good gym is vital here, Kingdom Martial Arts Academy proves to be the best gym in San Antonio. Follow your coach for your training, no one can uncover your strength better than your coach and Kingdom Martial Arts Academy have the best coach that effectively polishes individual skills depending on the capabilities of each. 

Muay Thai Tips: Train Hard and Eat Healthy food

Many components in fighting to require the utmost care, follow these Muay Thai tips:

  1. Water: Drink plenty of water because you sweat a lot during training and your body needs to be hydrated to avoid any injury. 
  2. Sleep: Sleep is a very important component because our body recovers a lot while we take good sleep. Make it a habit of 8hrs of sleep in a dark and quiet place with no use of any electronics like cell phones. 
  3. Balanced Diet: Avoid any large and extra oily meals, and take small portions of meals every 3-4 hrs. 
  4. Avoid carbs: avoid unnecessary carbs like sugar, pasta or white bread, potato, and white rice, and switch them with brown rice, sweet potato, and whole wheat bread. 
  5. Massage: A good massage can go a long way after a tough week of training. 
  6. Eat green: Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and prefer fresh juices instead of canned ones.  

Muay Thai Tips for the Fight 

The most common mistake everyone does is to lose all their energy right before the match. Try to relax as much as possible before the fight and conserve your energy on the day of the fight. 


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