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This article focus on helping organizations that are making a switch from one cloud platform to another. Here, we will demonstrate the easiest and most effective way to transfer data from cloud to cloud. Using these methods you will be able to transfer each user account data (emails, contacts, calendars, and drive).

Why Cloud to Cloud Migration is Required?  

Let’s first discuss what is cloud to cloud migration?

When the data, processes, and applications are migrated from one cloud to another cloud, it is known as Cloud to Cloud Migration.

The need to transfer data from one cloud to another cloud may arise in one of the following cases:

1. When the limited features and the functions of the existing cloud-based email application does not cover user needs

2. When the company demands more cloud storage space than the existing application provides.

3. The increased business operations and improved infrastructure requires a flexible environment with advanced applications.

4. The pricing of the cloud-based application plays an important role. It should be aligned with the services it provides. In case the services are not satisfactory, then a switch to better cloud service becomes a necessity.

5. Some cloud services do not ensure data security. In such case, you can go ahead with migration to other cloud services. For example, Office 365 is a product of Microsoft which ensures 100% data security with dynamic features.

In order to transfer data from cloud to cloud, there is no one direct manual method to do so.

However, there is an automated solution recommended by the experts, i.e., SysTools Cloud Migration Tool.  This automated tool can smoothly transfer data between same/different cloud platforms.

Let’s See What SysTool’s Migration Tool Can Do?

SysTools Cloud Migrator is a powerful, reliable, simple, and fast professional tool. It is the most trusted and preferred tool recommended by a large number of MVP and Tech Experts.

This tool allows smooth migrations like G Suite to Office 365, Office 365 to G Suite, G Suite to G Suite, Office 365 to Office 365, and many more.

The tool allows to migrate the following items:

  • Emails
  • Attachments
  • Archive Mailbox
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Calendars

The following are some of the prominent features of the tool:

1. It is a robust and reliable cloud migration tool that allows to migration of the complete data from source to destination. The complete migration gets done at once.

2. The tool can migrate the data from one cloud to another or one domain to another without taking much time.

3. The migration of multi-user mailboxes can happen in batches simultaneously. The tool makes this tough task simple with just few steps.

4. The migration of multi-user mailboxes can take place on first cum first basis or on the basis of priority.

5. The tool keeps a check on the activity during the migration process. The real time status for each folder can be viewed simultaneously.

6. The migration of multi-user mailboxes for at least 40 users at a time is ensured.

7. Tool has a simple and easy to user interface.

8.  It does not require the installation of any extra software to complete the migration process.

9. Offers multiple options for mapping source and destination user accounts

10.The tool successfully migrates the complete data just by using admin credentials.

The following are the benefits of the tool:

  • It ensures the complete data integrity without any loss of data
  • The folders hierarchy and the folders structure remain intact
  • There is no limit on the file size during the migration
  • The email properties does not get modified after the data migration
  • Offers unlimited delta passes for new data migration
  • The tool helps to migrate from any cloud to another cloud just in few simple steps

Final Words

In the above blog, we have discussed reasons and techniques to transfer data from cloud to cloud. To ensure successful data transfer, there is an automated tool that comes in handy. 

The experts have tested and verified many times. So, you can test the free trial version of the tool and then take the decision accordingly. The tool offers 2 free user licenses for its testing and user satisfaction.


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