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With the release of the latest update of Nintendo Switch, players can easily transfer screenshots directly from their Nintendo Switch gaming console to their handheld devices.

Gone are the days when users had to browse social media platforms to share images or insert or eject SD cards in computer or smartphone to view images or screenshots. Latest update of 11.0.0 of Nintendo Switch made the data or screenshots transferring procedure a little simpler than before.

Here, we are going to provide you some quick tips to let you know how to send your Nintendo screenshots to your smartphone:

Updating Nintendo Switch

Here are the steps to know how to update your Nintendo Switch gaming console:

  • First and foremost, reach the System Settings page directly from the main menu of your gaming console.
  • Then, scroll down and reach the System section.
  • Hit the tab System Update there.
  • Wait until your gaming console goes through the system update.
  • Once you are all done, hit the Home tab to return to the primary menu.
  • Now, your Nintendo Switch is entirely up to date. You can easily send screenshots to your phone.

Sending Switch Screenshots to your Smartphone

Follow these steps if you want to transfer your Nintendo screenshots directly to your smartphone:

  • Go to the main menu and then hit the Album tab.
  • Choose the image you like to send.
  • Tap the button “A” to expand the next menu options.
  • Choose the option “Send to Smartphone.”
  • Choose any other picture or screenshot you would like to send. The selected image will be marked with a green checkmark.
  • Hit the Send option there.
  • Launch the camera app of your handheld device.
  • Now, scan the QR code appearing on your Switch screen.
  • If the new window doesn’t launch automatically, then you need to hit the respective link appearing on your camera app. This process will connect your handheld device with the Nintendo gaming console.
  • Once the connection has been found successful by the device, use your camera app to scan your QR code located at the right-hand side section of your Nintendo Switch screen.
  • In case the respective image doesn’t launch automatically, then hit the link that is appearing on your smartphone’s screen.
  • After some time, your screenshots or images will prompt out on a new screen. The next steps may vary depending on your iPhone device you are using or the model you have.
  • Long hold the desired image if you want to save it on your phone.
  • Now, choose the option Add to Photos option. Hit the Download tab if available.

Note: Repeat the same procedure if you want to save all the images you sent to your smartphone.

Transferring screenshots and images from a Nintendo Switch to iPhone might seem tricky or complicated for some users. Still, now you can quickly move all your screenshots directly from your Nintendo Switch without removing your SD card. The company has updated this new feature with the release of the Nintendo Switch update of 11.0.0. To get started, open your Nintendo Switch, connect both the devices, and select the images you want to transfer.

Source :- https://my4norton.com/how-to-transfer-screenshots-from-nintendo-switch-to-your-phone/

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