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Over the years, working with Canon printers, you must have gotten an idea about its popularity. And also, about how you should always be ready to face error codes in the printer. However, in the list of error codes, some are common, and some lead your printer to the verge of a critical situation. When we talk about the common error codes, you should be less worried, as there are several methods to try to resolve the problem. And most importantly, you can do it all by yourself without needing any professional technician’s help. You just need a few accurate methods and instructions to fix the error codes. It does not matter whether you are using the inkjet model or laser printer, the Canon printer fits perfectly for your choice.

However, spotting the exact cause may intimidate you, but you can easily work on it by keeping few things in mind. While various errors indicate different issues, you may have limited solutions for those kinds of errors. On a usual basis, you can try basic solutions to fix the error problem, which suggests restarting your printer. Most of the time, this basic solution helps to resolve the error codes. So, you can try it if you are out of ideas and do not have any technical knowledge. There is another way, which suggests cleaning your printer.

But you need to clean your printer thoroughly and carefully, as it consists of sensitive mechanical parts. And they are always at the high point of getting damaged even with the smallest mistake. If you are familiar with the process, you need to wipe the counter, clean the clogged ink, dirt particles, and remove the remaining pieces of paper. You also need to check in with your printer’s fuser to see if it is damaged or worn out. It is normal for fusers to be worn out when they are used for a long time. These are the basic rules that you need to perform when in urgent need and to protect your printer from any other damage.

Causes of the error code E13 in Canon printer

In the Canon printer, the number of pages printed is calculated with the coordination of page coverage. With the help of this process, the printer detects the status of the cartridges, including the amount of ink or when it is empty. The Canon printer flashes the error code E13 when there is a problem regarding the cartridges. Due to this error code, your printer struggles to recognize one or more cartridges. You will be able to see the error code E13 on the LCD screen whenever it runs out of ink in the cartridge.

You will also face complications while printing the documents. In order to avoid physical damages, the printer will prevent you from printing or scanning anything by shutting it off completely. But behind all of this, one more question occurs, which says why does it happen. And the answer says it happens due to the cartridges being refilled or remanufactured. So, you will immediately receive an error message which will state it as a “low” sign or “empty immediately.” This error message indicates the limitation of the cartridges and faces difficulty in processing the fresh ink. However, this error code will not damage your printer.

Also, you should know that the refilled cartridges are designed as the clone of the original piece. And it isn’t easy to buy the original ones from the authorized dealers, as it is not their policy to sell them. So, this tells much about the refilling of the cartridges and how it is harmful to the printer.

Note- Your printer is designed to be connected through the bass ribbon, which is an important part of the printer. And even if, by accident, this ribbon is stained with black ink, then you will receive error codes in your printer.

What are the methods to resolve the error code E13 in a Canon printer?

Now that we have gathered information on error code E13, we should focus on how to fix the error problem. Also, before you think of calling a technician, you need to try resolving the error problem by yourself. Follow the step-by-step guidelines given below to resolve the error code instantly.


  • Here, you need to start by turning on your printer.
  • Then you need to switch off the ink gauge, but always remember to not click on “cancel printing” while you do this.
  • Once the printer displays the error code on the LCD monitor, you have to press and hold the stop/reset button.
  • Now you should repeat the second step given above, then press and hold the power button too.
  • After you have done that, you need to click and hold the suggested button for about 6 seconds. And continue to do that until you see the error code disappearing from the printer.
  • And when you have attempted that step, your printer will automatically switch off.
  • Now you should wait for at least five seconds, then turn your printer back on.
  • When these steps have been processed, your printer will blink the yellow color LED light of the cartridges.
  • And lastly, your printer will be up and ready to process the printing job smoothly.

Also, you need to check on the ink capacity of these printers with a certain time gap. Yes, surely, the error code E13 does not affect the printer critically, but the continuous use of refilled cartridges and low ink can destroy the performance of the printer badly.

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