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Over the years, printers have included several innovative attributes and quality for printing function. And these innovative features are the main reason why working with reliable printers has become easier and quicker. Users have received newly incorporated technologies and updated designs, which have genuinely modified the experience of printing jobs.

However, several facts are expected, for instance, minor issues emerging in the printer, including error codes.

The fact of printers being expensive and reliable is irrelevant to the error code occurrence. It is a fact that should be well remembered by you, as these error codes symbolize different issues generated inside your printer. Sometimes the reason for these error codes’ occurrence is improper settings of internal parts. Although, error codes do not carry any legitimate cause behind them. They can bother your printer due to technical errors as well. You may become anxious considering different types of error codes include different issues, but you should not worry about it.

The biggest advantage is you have the opportunity to fix the error code with effective methods all by yourself. With the help of the resolving methods, you can resolve the issue without needing any tech expert. If you are attending the error code for the first time or you are unfamiliar with internal parts. Then, it is necessarily suggested that you keep the manual guide by your side, which will help you to verify the various parts of the printer. Here, you will find different options to try as well as the causes behind them. So, follow the instructions mentioned below, and fix the error.

How to identify the causes behind the Error Code E32 in Canon Printer?

Here is the fact that you need to know that your printer never goes out of the risk of encountering errors. Your printer is vulnerable to errors and sometimes goes through the trouble of bugs, which is the same for other electronic machines as well. And these bug problems later lead your printer to the error code. When we talk about error code E32, it represents one of the common error codes in the printer. Usually, you can directly apply the basic solution, but if you have found the causes behind the error, then you can easily work to remove the fault.

To resolve the error code from the bottom of the printer, you have to dig out all the possible reasons. This way, you will get long-term assurance from your printer. Here, the error code E32 occurs in your printer due to the router setup problem. It happens when the Canon printer is struggling to recognize the wireless router while you are setting it up. Now why your printer is struggling to detect the wireless networks can be due to various issues.

One of the possibilities can be the wireless hardware is turned off, or maybe it is unable to work properly. Sometimes the printer goes out of network range, which also leads the situation to the error code. Mostly, it takes some time before the printer detects the configure or updates the wireless network. Also, the network may not reach due to the hidden connection. To resolve error code E32 in your Canon printer, you have to follow the steps given below.

Resolving methods to fix the Canon printer error code E32

To remove the error code E32 from your Canon printer, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below. If the error code still displays, they should immediately contact the Canon technical support team. But first, you get to try some of the methods all by yourself to resolve the issue.

Method 1: Verifying The Wireless Router Status

  • Here, you need to start with making sure that the Wi-Fi service you are using is switched on. And as the connections are an important step, you have to make sure that your printer acquires those necessary network connections properly.
  • In the second step, you have to verify if the WLAN LED is appearing on the wireless router you are using or not. Then, all you have to do is make sure that the WLAN LED is blinking in the router and the power is on.

Method 2: Place The Modem in the Range of Computer System

  • As you know, the connection of the Wi-Fi router depends on how good the range of the network is. And you cannot find a place perfectly built to establish the connection. It can be difficult as the connection quality differs from place to place.
  • In order to avoid connection faults, you have to establish the setup of the Wi-Fi router within the range of your computer. So that you can use the connection with the flow and not get interrupted by a poor network while attending the printing jobs.
  • You have to make sure that the printer, router, and PC are in the same place, or they must be within the range of the connection. If you want the specified Wi-Fi range to build up a strong connection, you need to place each product where it must stay.

Method 3: Restart The Router

Regarding the wireless hardware, it usually takes some time before they set up the connection or update the network properly. When you have switched on your Wi-Fi connection, you have to give it a proper time to warm up and start properly. So, in this context, you have to turn off the Wi-Fi first and let it sit for a few minutes. Then turn it back on once you have waited for 3 to 5 minutes. Now you have to wait for the name of the connection to pop up on the list.

Method 4: Examine The Network (If it is Hidden)

There will be times when your printer will be unable to recognize the connection if it is hidden. You have to verify and find out if the network is hidden or not. If you found the network that you are using is hidden, then you have to utilize an alternate option. You can connect your printer to the system with the help of an alternative option and get back to your printing jobs.

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