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How to Troubleshoot Computer Hardware Issues?

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A PC builder needs to have knowledge about effective troubleshooting. But as a first piece of the puzzle, you must realize the issue encountered within the system. The initial process is to ensure that your PC has a hardware problem, instead of a software one. This will help you to act according to the situation and search for the relevant solution. It is not necessary to go to a repair shop for the maintenance of your computer. Several components a PC consists of that may encounter problems, one of them being the hard disk.

Kinds of HDD failures

Do you ever experience a message pop up in Windows about a hard disk problem, while you are operating your PC? If you have encountered these warnings and want a solution, then you are at the right place at the right time. A Hard drive may encounter partial, sudden, complete, and gradual failure. Hence, the solutions for these are different and it is possible to recover the data. If your hard drive is still underperforming despite defragmentation, then seek a solution.


A hard disk error may lead to further problems on the system that you need to fix on an immediate basis. These may occur because of a multitude of issues. HDD issues that occur include human error, power outages, viruses, and hardware failures. But bad maintenance is also a major cause of it. When a PC is operating, it should have a non-volatile space. These may include personal files, operating systems, and applications. A hard disk crashes over a certain time because of the accumulation of too many bad sectors. These affect the performance of the system. Here are some recommended tools that can detect and resolve the issues related to hard disks.

Software to Check and fix Hard Disk Issues

If your PC encounters hard disk issues and you want to fix them, then the first option is to check it via software. Several tools serve the purpose and can detect and resolve problems. These include:


Scandisk is the most popular pre-installed tool among Microsoft Windows users. As the name suggests, it is used for repairing and finding hard disk issues.


Chkdsk is yet another utility for windows used for checking hard drive problems. It uses a command line and is used if you are not able to boot Windows then run chkdsk/f after booting from Windows CD. Once you enter the recovery console, you can check all the issues encountered by the hard drive.


 TestDisk is an open-source, fantastic, and free utility that detects hard drive crashes. Once it detects it, it also fixes the issues encountered by it.

Crucial Storage Executive

Crucial Storage Executive searches for comprehensive hard disk error details. It is the right choice because it consists of self-tests, S.M.A.R.T. information, and firmware updates. But you can only check SSDs and Crucial hard drives with the Crucial Storage Executive. 

Seagate SeaTools

 If your Seagate hard drive has been corrupted then Seagate’s SeaTools is the right choice. But not only has it tested Seagate drives only but also others as well.


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