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The Dell error code 2000-0131 is a troublesome error indicating that the Battery is not installed or it’s not being detected. Generally, this problem can be generated by an outdated BIOS. Other reasons include optical drive malfunctioning, power source issues, etc. 

Easy Solutions to Fix Dell Epsa Test Error Code 2000-0131 Here, we have shared four solutions to get rid of this error code from your Dell laptop. Follow these solutions carefully as one of them can help to resolve your issue. Solution 1 – Reinstall the Battery You can try to fix this error code by checking if the battery is correctly installed or not. If not, then you have to reinstall it properly. Follow the instructions below to do so. 

  1. First, turn off your laptop and remove the AC Adapter from it. Next, open your laptop and remove the battery as well. 
  2. Afterward, press the power button and your laptop should turn on for a few seconds. This is done to release the stored power in its system. 
  3. Next, wait for a few minutes and insert the battery in its place. Turn on your laptop and see if the issue has been resolved. Solution 2 – Update the System BIOS If you haven’t updated the BIOS of your Dell laptop, then you could come across this error code. Thus, you should update the system BIOS by following the steps below. 
  4. First of all, visit the BIOS manufacturer website. In this case, it will be Dell itself. 
  5. When that window opens, find the latest version of the BIOS of the Dell laptop.
  6. After searching for this, click on the Download option to start the download process. Once it is downloaded, run the program to install it. After these steps, you will be prompted to restart your laptop. Simply click on reboot/yes and you should not face this error anymore. Solution 4 – Update System Drivers Sometimes, an older version of the system driver can cause this problem on Dell laptops. Therefore, you need to update it from time to time. To update the driver go through the following steps.
  7. First, go to the official website of Dell 
  8. From that window, head towards to Drivers and Downloads section. Next, select your laptop’s model and download all the latest system drivers from the site.  
  9. After downloading, run the installer package as an Administrator and install it one by one. Once you have done these steps, check if the error code has been solved or not. Solution 4 – Run the PSA(Pre-Boot System Assessment) Tool Running the PSA Diagnostics tool can eliminate the error code 2000-0131 from the Dell laptop. To perform this solution, follow the instructions instructed below.
  10. Firstly, restart your Dell laptop.
  11. When the Dell laptop restarts, you will see the Dell logo appear on the screen. At that time, you need to press the F12 key from the keyboard.
  12. Now, you will see the Boot menu appeared on the screen. In that window, hit the Down arrow key to open the list.
  13. In that list, click on the Diagnostics option and then press the Enter key to begin the Pre-boot system assessment (PSA) tool.It will take some time to finish the process. Once it is done, check if the error code is gone now.Conclusion To conclude, the Dell error code 2000-0131 should be resolved by now. You may be experiencing a hardware issue if you’re still facing this issue. Therefore, you should get in touch with a professional of Dell Service Center to get it fixed.


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