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Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2 is a popular RPG video game that was released on March 15, 2019. The game is quite close to complete its 1st anniversary. Thus its developers have included a new update in it to make this special occasion more memorable. The update has finally arrived, and the gamers all over the world are acclaiming it. The update is called Warlords of New York, and it has altered most of the aspects in the gameplay of Division 2.

The changes include a whole new lengthy story along with new agents, skills, gears, and weapons. The attributes of Skill has changed a lot, and several new features have been added into it. One of the essential aspects of skills is Decoy, and it is quite necessary for the game. The only possible way of obtaining Decoy in Division 2 is by the campaign attribute. Below we have provided information that will guide you about getting Decoy in Division 2 through the campaign.

The process of unlocking the Decoy Skill is quite simple, but its lengthiness makes it complicated all the time. So, it is suggested to be aware while reading the article to get rid of making any mistake.

Fight First Wave Agents

The story of the game features Aaron Keener, who was once an agent of the First Wave Division. Aaron went rogue after the destruction of New York City. Now, the new update has brought Aaron back along with new weapons and four powerful foes. The most deadly enemy of Aaron is Theo Parnell, who is also an agent of First Wave Division Agent. Theo is a qualified human being who is somehow a master of Hacking and Drones.

The abilities of Theo make him the most deadly and potent enemy of Division 2. Thus his boss fight is also being the hardest among other ones. However, if gamers succeed in taking him to the ground, then they will be unable to obtain all the qualities and potencies of Theo Parnell.

How to Fight with Theo Parnell

The fight with Theo Parnell is one of the most deadly battles of Division 2, but with proper and legit guidance, gamers can easily accomplish it. Theo Parnell has several potencies and abilities that make him so hard to tackle. Theo Parnell uses his decoys during the boss fight to lure or maze his enemies. So, gamers need to disable the minions, aka decoys, to break out the defense of Theo Parnell first.

The gamers can easily knock down Theo Parnell by trying to locate him amongst holograms. However, it is tough to identify these Holograms because they are built in order to confuse gamers. These decoys are operated through AI, and players need to resolve all this with ponderousness. Gamers require to play at least 2 or 3 games to understand the decoy technique of Theo Parnell, and once they came to know about it, then they can easily thrash him.

Once gamers have slain Theo Parnell, then all the ability of him will automatically granted to the player. Thereafter, gamers can use the decoy technique against their forthcoming foes in the game.


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