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How to Use Cricut Joy Xtra? [A Complete Guide]

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Have you checked out Cricut Joy Xtra? It’s the new Cricut machine in the Cricut line-up. This machine is the successor to the original Cricut Joy machine. If you want to give this machine a try, you can. But, before that, you must read this blog to get a brief about his new guest in the market. Now, you can make bigger and better projects than ever. As this machine is packed with remarkable features, you will find it really worth it. So, here we go to learn how to use Cricut Joy Xtra.

What’s Inside the Cricut Joy Xtra Box? 

Like every Cricut machine, Cricut Joy Xtra also includes some basic accessories you will need during setup. Hence, you should know what these are.

  • Your Cricut Joy Xtra machine
  • Regular blade + bade housing
  • StandardGrip mat
  • Fine point pen
  • Power adapter
  • Welcome card
  • A free 30-day Cricut membership trial
  • 50 plus ready-to-make projects
  • Sample materials for practice

So, all these accessories will be included in your Cricut Joy Xtra machine. Read till the end to get an idea of how to use this machine effectively. Now, let’s look at some uses of the Cricut Joy Xtra machine.

How to Use Cricut Joy Xtra?

Cricut Joy Xtra is like any other Cricut machine with enhanced features and capabilities. Like other machines, you’ll need Design Space to make your projects. Then, you can design anything and send it to the Cricut machine for further tasks. Also, this new machine has a sensor that will recognize your mat and cut your material. Now, let’s look at some common projects you can create with Cricut Joy Xtra.

Project 1: Make Stickers With Gold Printable Vinyl

The gold printable vinyl is a new product from Cricut, and you can use it for making interesting stickers. So, this product is brilliant to use the Print then Cut feature. But before that, make sure that you calibrate your machine. Once you load the mats, the sensors in the machine will scan the corners and cut your material smoothly.

Your machine will not find it difficult to cut the stickers, and you will have the best results. As you can see, the cuts are clean. You can definitely go for this kind of project with Joy Xtra.

Project 2: Draw Something

You can use the Cricut pen to draw something with your Cricut Joy Xtra machine. You can see that the Cricut pen can effortlessly draw anything on a regular cardstock. Also, you’ll find the drawing consistent with no gaps, and the design will look smooth and professional.

Project 3: Try Out Smart Vinyl

To try something new, you can try cutting Smart vinyl with your Joy Xtra machine. This new machine will cut your design seamlessly. Look at the detailing and circles in this image; it’s clean, and the weeding is also easy to perform. If you want to use this machine for better projects, Smart Vinyl can be an ideal material to practice with.

Project 4: Smart Iron-on

Similar to the Smart Vinyl project, you can also perform the Smart Iron-on project easily. If you use the Smart iron-on setting in your Design Space, you’ll not have to adjust the settings further. Plus, you can weed the material easily. You’ll be satisfied with the results. Overall, the Smart iron-on vinyl project will be a great option to get started with your Cricut Joy Xtra.


You have learned how to use Cricut Joy Xtra to create projects. This new machine has enhanced features and capabilities to make your project better and more productive. It has almost the same features as the original Cricut Joy. But some features are different, like the Print then Cut feature. You will like this machine for its unique abilities. So, all of you who want to make your crafting journey more productive can use the Cricut Joy Xtra machine.


How is the Cricut Joy Xtra Different From Cricut Joy?

There are not many differences between these two machines. But, certain differences are noticeable. The original Cricut Joy has a cut size of 4.5 x 4 feet, while the Joy Xtra has a cut size of 8.5 x 4 feet. Plus, the new Joy Xtra includes the new Print then Cut feature, which wasn’t included in the original one.

Why Consider Cricut Joy Xtra?

The Cricut Joy Xtra can be an ideal option for crafters who want to complete their projects in just one go. Also, if you are someone who likes to make smaller projects such as cards, stickers, and shirts, you can use this machine for better results. However, it can make bigger projects than the original Joy machine. So, overall, the machine is worth considering.

What Can I Make With Cricut Joy Xtra?

Like the other Cricut machines, the Cricut Joy Xtra offers you various features to design anything you want. For instance, you can use the Print then Cut feature to make stickers and the Smart iron-on vinyl for creating customized projects like T-shirts. Plus, you can use Smart materials to make your projects. You’ll get the finest results with this brilliant machine.

Visit: cricut.com/setup

Source: https://cricutdesignacut.wordpress.com/2023/10/06/how-to-use-cricut-joy-xtra-a-complete-guide/


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