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How to Use Cricut Parts in DIY Crafts & Projects in 2023?

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Some of the prominent Cricut parts are provided to the users within the box; however, there are many other items which they’ve to buy separately to complete the bundle. It’s the dream of every crafter to give their best shot while creating any project. Other than the smart cutting machine, most of the credit for modifying the project as per the requirements goes to its respective supplies.

It is understandable that the users must use all those supplies at the correct place and as per the guidelines. Under any circumstances, if they fail in not using the parts accurately, then they’ve to face errors. With the help of the following blog, you’ll get to know the names of those cutter machine supplies that an individual is supposed to purchase separately.

1.  Knife Blade

With one of these Cricut parts, you’ll receive accurate cuts which chop up the materials within one go. This premium 12 mm harder and more durable carbide steel blade cuts the printed images or details larger than 0.75 inches. Due to this, it became one of the supplies that should be included in the Cricut kit. Other than that, this blade, aligned with its housing, is compatible with the Maker machine.

Cricut parts

2.  Rotary Blade

If you love to do sewing projects in your free time, then you must buy a Rotary blade. The blade is accompanied by its housing control clothing materials covering silk, cotton and denim to canvas. Apart from that, it can also create designs on tissue or crepe paper. You’ll be given the option to choose from hundreds of sewing patterns from the library.

Cricut Machin  Setyp

3.  QuickSwap Tools

The third item that comes under the Cricut parts list is Quick Swap tools. With the help of its housing, one can quickly jumble between engraving, scoring, debossing, waving and many more. With the assistance of the tips, one can create pro-level scoring, engraving, and perforating projects. Different tips are included in the tools list and those tools support on Maker series.

Cricut Machine Setup for windows & mac

4.  Roll Holder

With one of these Cricut parts, an individual can keep their smart materials in an organized and lined-up range for perfect and clean cutting. In addition, the holder has a special feature to place and guide the material in its correct position while designing the process without the mat. This applies effortlessly to get connected with your cutting machine and start its task within a few seconds.

Roller Holder for Cricut Machines

5.  Machine Mats

Further, with these cutting mats, you can complete your crafting needs by supporting different types of materials such as softest to hardest and many more. Apart from that, each of the mats is reusable and covered with strong glue, making the material stick to its place as it cuts and easily remove the debris after the cutting process comes to an end. In addition, each mat is water-resistant and contains strong adhesive with a strong smell.

Cricut Machine setup On windows & Mac


On the whole of the blog, we have arrived at the decision that it’s an important and tough decision to be made by the crafter while choosing for correct Cricut parts. However, it depends on which crafting tool they are supposed to choose before starting the crafting process. You need to ensure that the tool shouldn’t be used earlier; otherwise, your project will get damaged. For any reason if you’ve any issues, then read the FAQs shared in the section below.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What Are the Items That Come Inside the Box?

Answer: The list of items that users will come across while unboxing the delivered box are as follows:

  • Cricut machine.
  • USB cable.
  • Power cord.
  • User Manual.
  • StandardGrip Mat.

However, there are some of the items that the user is instructed to purchase individually as they won’t be provided by the manufacturer. Other than that, it also varies on its demand among the audiences as per the quality and price in the market.

Question: Will I Get Some Discounts While Buying the Cricut Parts?

Answer: If you are a holder of the Cricut Access subscription plan, then you might get some sort of discount. However, the decision to offer the discount completely depends upon the portal from where you are going to buy the Cricut parts to finish your project. Other than that, it also depends upon the tool you are purchasing. You are guided to choose an authorised purchaser to avoid any mishappening in future.

Question: What Are The Tips Needed to be Taken While Using the Cricut Supplies?

Answer: Intending to increase the lifespan of the purchased items, the user can use the follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Frequently clean the machine mat after completing the cutting process.
  • Try to improve the sharpness of the blade by using aluminium foil.
  • Keep the roll holder in a safe place to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged from anywhere.
  • Place the knife blades and rotary blades inside the organizer to maintain its sharpness.

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