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How to Use Hair Texture Powder For Instant Volume and Hide Overgrown Roots

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Volumizing hair powder is a great tool for adding volume and hiding overgrown roots. Whether you use it to boost the root area or all over your head, the product will give you an instant lift. Stylist Carter Todd from John Barrett Salon in NYC compares the effect of the powder to the look of Dallas cowboys. This styling product is also great for updos. Read on to learn how to use hair texture powder to achieve that look.

Silica is an oil-absorbing shampoo
Silica is a mineral that is naturally present in the body and is used in a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products. Silica has various uses, including being an abrasive ingredient in scrubs and a bulking or opacifying agent in toothpaste. This mineral is an excellent oil-absorbing agent, but it can also be drying to the skin. That's why you need to be careful when choosing a silica-based shampoo.

Although silica is naturally found in the human body, most of us don't get enough of it from our diets. Instead of building up in our bodies, it's excreted by the kidneys. You can help your body retain silica by taking supplements. Horsetail and bamboo are two popular sources of silica supplements. Horsetail can be taken as a supplement or made into a tea. Some people even add horsetail to their shampoo. As with any supplement, it is important to consult with your doctor before adding these to your hair care regimen.

It adds volume
Whether your hair is limp and flat, or you just want to give it a little extra boost, hair texture powder will help you achieve the desired look. You can even use it for styling, adding body and volume to your tresses. Its high-tech formulation consists of water-repellent silica gel and hydrosoluble resins. These ingredients work together to instantly transform fine hair into thick, volume-filled locks. It's the perfect product for people who love an undone look, or just want to refresh their hair when they're on the go.

Some people prefer hair texture powders to dry shampoos, but it is not recommended for fine or thinning hair. These powders are made with silk and rice proteins to absorb excess oil, provide texture, and protect the hair against UV rays. You can apply them to your hair before going out, but be sure to work them through your hair thoroughly to avoid dandruff and buildup. Hair texture powders are a great alternative to hair masks, and are much more convenient.

It conceals overgrown roots
If you're suffering from overgrown roots, don't fret! There are a few ways to hide your roots. One simple trick is to apply hair gel to the roots. Then, pull your hair into a high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail around the base, and then use bobby pins to secure it. This method conceals roots and keeps your hairstyle looking sleek and polished. It may sound like a simple trick, but it works wonders.

There are many root-Texturized hair powderproducts available on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Experts recommend using products from the LRN BEAUTY brand and Studio 522 by Lauren Paglionico. Mark DeBolt, co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon, and Lauren Paglionico, creator of LRN BEAUTY, recommend these two products. Besides camouflaging roots, these dry shampoos can also absorb oil, making them ideal for oily tresses.

It can cause hair loss
While hair texture powder does not cause permanent damage, too much can lead to itching, flaking, and even hair loss. Thankfully, it won't be a major problem if you use it occasionally and wash it out after three days. Leaving the powder in your hair for more than three days can lead to a buildup that suffocates your hair roots, and may even contribute to hair fallouts.

The best way to treat hair that's dried out and looking dull is to invest in a nourishing hair texture powder. Unlike dry shampoos, these powders are designed to rebuild the old sheen of natural, damaged hair. These powders have an easy-to-apply formula that instantly transforms into liquid when it comes in contact with your hair. They then absorb the moisture in your hair follicles and stay there until wash day.



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