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Believe it or not, your hands are the most neglected part when you indulge yourself in a skincare ritual. But they even need your extra care and attention to prevent themselves from harmful pollutants, UV rays, signs of aging, and dryness. 

So to make your hands look more attractive and hydrated, we have dropped the suggestions for the best hand cream for dry hands, along with a handful of tips and tricks. 

Know the Tips and Tricks to Use Hand Cream:

Do you eagerly wish to turn your hands soft and nourished? If yes, continue to read and know how to use hand cream most effectively. 

Apply Hand Cream to Clean and Dry Hands:

It's important to apply the cream to hands free of dirt and oil. It prevents the cream from being fully absorbed. 

Use a Small Amount:

What mistake we often do is to take out a large portion of cream and later regret it. So always remember, “A little goes a long way” regarding hand cream. Begin with a pea-sized amount and pour more as needed.

Massage the Cream Into Your Hands:

Rub the cream gently and in a circular motion. Pay extra attention to particularly dry areas, such as the knuckles and fingertips.

Don't Forget the Nails and Cuticles:

Massage the cream into your nails and cuticles to keep them moisturized and healthy.

Reapply as Needed:

If you have dry skin or a habit of washing your hands frequently, it becomes quite necessary to reapply it several times to keep your hands moisturized. 

Apply It Before Going to Bed:

Dampening your hands with cream at night helps to nourish and repair your hands. 

Choose a Cream That Suits Your Needs:

Consider the ingredients in your hand cream and choose a formula that addresses your specific concerns, such as dryness, cracking, or sensitivity.

Walk on the path of these tips and make your hands velvety soft! 

The Best Hand Cream Online in India

Check out the list of best hand creams and give them the love they deserve. 

Buy Khadi Natural Milk & Saffron Hand Cream online

The time has come to say goodbye to the rough and dry hands. Khadi Natural Milk & Saffron Hand Cream stirred with the goodness of Shea butter softens and moisturizes your hand. It has the added advantage of protecting your nails from drying and splitting.

Let's check out what makes it the first best hand cream on our curated list. 


  • Suitable for both men and women. 
  • Suits all skin types. 
  • Maintain elasticity and repairs skin's natural barrier, 
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your hands. 
  • Enhance the complexion. 

Buy Glamveda Aloevera Hand Cream online

Experience the magic of silky smooth hands with Glamveda cream for hands. It locks in moisture, and regular massaging helps you overcome the dryness without turning your hands greasy. The product is 100 % Vegan and enriched with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe vera, Lemon seed oil, and Castor oil. 


  • Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Devoid of Parabens, Phthalates, and SLS. 
  • Travel-friendly and light in weight. 

Buy Paul Penders Marigold Hand Cream online

Keep your hands healthy and beautiful, always using Paul Penders hand cream. Made with the goodness of Marigold, Chamomile, and 22 organically known herbs, soothes dry, damaged, and sensitive skin. Made of non-greasy formula, it restores natural moisture. It is Made from 100% botanical, vegan ingredients. 


  • Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Turn your hands soft, smooth, and beautiful. 
  • Restores the dull and sagging skin. 

Buy Cetaphil Pro Day Protect Hand Cream online

Give gentle care to your delicate hands! Cetaphil Pro dryness control hand cream provides 24 hours of hydration and prevents dryness and irritation. Drench your skin with magical ingredients of Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, & Glycerin and revive your hand care routine. 


  • It's a unisex product. 
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Ok to Use Hand Cream as Body Lotion?

Hand creams are more concentrated and thicker than regular body lotions. However, it can be used as a substitute for body lotion in a pinch. 

But using hand cream on larger areas of the body may result in a greasier feel or take longer to absorb. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use a product crafted for specific needs. 

Is It Ok to Use Hand Cream Every Day?

 is generally safe to use hand cream every day. Regular use of hand cream keeps your skin moisturized, healthy, and soft. However, if you notice any irritation or allergic reaction, it's best to discontinue the use and consult with a healthcare professional.

When Should I Apply Hand Cream?

It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing your hands with soaps or sanitizers as they strip away natural oils and dry out the skin. Additionally, applying hand cream before bed can help nourish and repair your hands. 


Unlock the beauty of your hands using hand creams that are light in weight, non-greasy, and prevent your skin from dryness and irritation. It helps in enhancing your complexion and maintaining elasticity. 

Buy hand cream online from Cossouq– Your one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. 

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