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There are various kitchen appliances out there, but the most trendy and versatile among those is the “Instant Pot” that can perform almost the task related to your cooking various dishes. Instant Pot is a time saving, easily cooking device that provides various other features while cooking or baking bread. It can steam vegetables, cook rice, boil eggs, and cooks even poultry of meat in a very easy and accessible way.

It became popular with a pre-installed tab for cooking dishes, and a timer is also there to provide you with scheduled cooking experience. One can use his own smartphone to handle this pretty cooking appliance with just a nominal effort.

Here is how to connect and use Instant Pot with the help of your handheld device:

Using Official Instant Pot Application

The official application is available for your Instant Pot that provides 1000 plus recipes and dishes with several tips and tricks. One can attain the benefits of using the appliance and get answers to all his/her query in a straightforward manner. The application provides the latest ideas of cooking new dishes and how to schedule your timing for a particular dish. Now, with this app, you can cook a meal in about 30 to 40 minutes that you used to cook in one or two hours.

There are numbers of pre-made dishes available in the dishes section of the app, and one can avail of the benefits of using this appliance with ease.

Apart from these features, one can fetch various information such as the latest and trending recipes in current days. There were lots of personal blogs, articles available through Instant Pot recipe sites such as ActiveHipMomma.com, PressureCookRecipes.com, etc.

Connecting with Instant Pot Social Community

Users of Instant Pot are very passionate about this kitchen device as it stands clear on their expectations and desires. They used to cook all the things in this Pot ranging from a hard boil egg to meat or poultry. So, it is recommended not to ask anyone to have Instant Pot about the disadvantage of the device; otherwise, you may face defensive answers.

There is an interesting thing related to this Instant Pot is the associated social community that will help you when you stuck in a problem. You can ask them about your query, like how long it takes to cook corn on the cob? Or how to boil brown rice in this device? The answers will be very straightforward and quick. If you wish to share your views along with your recipes that you have made recently for your community members, then you are most welcome. You can add your comments and the success story of your dish.

In the Instant Pot socialized community such as Facebook, you can ask any type of quest that mingles in your mind for some days. Facebook has a separate Instant Pot social community where 2.7 active members are there, and it’s growing. It’s the best platform for beginners, one who doesn’t know basic ideas for cooking. You can ask basic questions also such as how long potatoes take to boil. What tools are required for setting up Bluetooth?

Using App for Storing All Your Recipes

There are numbers of recipe organizing applications out there, and one can install it as per the preference where you can get all the details with just a single tap.

One of the most appreciated application is the “Paprika” that allows the users to organize their desired recipe as per their desire. One can apply copy-paste from one site to this app. For example: if you have got a recipe from a site and you wish to copy-paste it to Paprika, then you can do so. All the details will get automatically stripped to your application. This app is also beneficial for Instant Pot recipes that are mostly found in various sites and blogs where experts are out there to help and support them.

Paprika helps users to store recipe ideas and other recipe details related as per the user’s choice. You can organize all your recipes in one place by arranging then alphabetically. To view the recipe details on your smartphone, you can use a stand for a comfortable viewing experience.

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