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How To Use Meta Tags For Search Engine Optimization?

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Meta tags are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and they can help your website's web pages rank higher in search engines. They're also useful for helping people who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to understand the content on individual web pages and navigate through your site more effectively.

Why do Meta tags matter?

Meta tags are a set of HTML markup used to define the title, description, and keywords for a particular webpage. They provide a description that may be used by search engines when displaying your site on their results pages.

The most important Meta tag is the <title>.

Search engines use it to identify your site's web page, so you should give each page on your website a unique title that accurately describes its content. You should also make sure you don't add more than 60 characters because some search engines only display up to 60 characters from the start of the <title> tag in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The most important Meta tag is the <description>.

A short description known as metadata is also important for SEO, and while some search engines use the meta description to display a short snippet of text from your site in their SERPs, it's more useful for helping people who use assistive technologies get an idea of what your website is about.

The <description> tag should be entered as plain HTML, without any style formatting. Search engines might choose to show up to 156 characters from this tag but they often only show around 155 characters from the end of the tag.

Robots Meta tag

The robot meta tag lets you give search engines instructions about how they should crawl web pages on your site. These instructions can help you control where search engine crawlers go on your site and what content they index, which is important for both SEO and for protecting your website from unwanted crawling by bots that might cause it to load slowly.

You should include the following attributes in the <meta> tag to prevent search engines from crawling specific parts of your website:

– NoIndex

– NoFollow

Alt text

Alt-text is an attribute of the <img> tag that is important for SEO. It provides a description of an image, so it's useful for improving the accessibility of your website — especially if you have images in your meta description, which search engines are likely to grab and display in their SERPs.


Meta tags are important for search engine optimization, and accessible content and provide a description that may be used by search engines when displaying your site's web pages in their results. They also provide an easy way to convey information about a web page such as author, keywords, and copyright.







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