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If you have more than one Echo, you can use them to get a multi-dimensional audio experience, just like a movie theatre. If you have more than one Amazon Echo device, then read on to learn how to use them. Here are some of the best ways to help you get the most out of multiple Amazon Echos.

Play music in one go

Play music with a multi-room feature in the Alexa app. You can play music across the room. For set up, you can download an app, then search for nearby devices. You can also play music along with all the devices. Amazon’s drop-in feature will help you listen to the music on all the Echos altogether, no matter which room you are in. This feature will also help you check who all are at home.

Turning Amazon Echo into a home theatre

Turning your living room into a huge theatre is still a dream of many people, and they are working on it. If you are thinking of buying a home theatre, then first check out this feature and consider it before buying a home theatre. You need to connect your Echo Dot with a smart TV or the FireStick then only the device will work. This will work with the best quality speakers and high-quality sounds like an Echo Studio and Alexa Compatible SoundBar.

Add Reminders 

Think that there are many things to do, and sometimes you forget, so it’s better to schedule it with the Echo so that the device can give you a reminder. To give a command, you need to open the Alexa application and select the communication icon at the bottom of your phone screen. Tap announce and say what you want Alexa to do. Do not forget to set the date and time of the particular task. Or you can say, “Alexa! Make an announcement.” For the reminder, select the reminder, set the date and time, then tap announce from and then select All Devices. This is how you can easily set a reminder.

New Amazon Echo Show 10

Alexa is amazing when it comes to technology adaptability. Amazon keeps on introducing the latest technology in the market so that we can make our homes much smarter. Amazon will soon be releasing a new product into the market called Echo Show 10. It will be launched soon and will cost around $250. The Echo Show 10 is one of the most brilliant and smartest products by Amazon.

Source :- https://officecom.a1setup.co.uk/how-to-use-multiple-amazon-echo-devices/

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