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How To Use Mylar Bags Provided By Wallaby?

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If you look at the options available on the emergency food storage market, Mylar bags are the best and the most effective food storage solution. They come with food safe oxygen absorbers that completely protect the food inside. If you are looking for quality food storage options to prep long-term, Mylar bags provided by a company like Wallaby are a must-have for preppers.

How are Mylar Bags Manufactured? Are They Safe for Food Storage?

Mylar bags are food preservation bags consisting of plastic and aluminum. Since the food is not in touch with aluminum, these bags are perfectly safe for food storage. Food inside a Mylar bag is separated by specially formulated plastic, which functions as a barrier between the exterior metal layer and the food.

Mylar bags are good at protecting against moisture, light, insects, and other contaminants. Wallaby provides Mylar bags with FDA-approved manufacturing rating and BPA-free material. This means that these toxin free bags are completely safe for storing food and contain no toxic elements.

Using the Oxygen Absorbers

It is simple to prevent oxygen from getting in touch with the food. You can buy oxygen absorbers of the appropriate size and use them as directed in the guide. The packing of Mylar bags serves as an excellent oxygen barrier, preventing food from coming into touch with the outside atmosphere. This increases the shelf life of items and allows for the storage of food for a longer period. Mylar bags are available in a variety of sizes. As a result, everyone can get food storage of the right size. Mylar bags available at the Wallaby website range from zip-style Mylar pouches to 5-gallon Mylar storage bags.

Food Storage Guide Provided by Wallaby

Wallaby recommends that foods with minimal moisture and oil content, in general, should be kept in Mylar bags. Foods with a moisture content of 10% can be stored in these bags for years.

You can use Mylar bags from Wallaby Goods to store wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar, flour, and other similar foods. As long as the moisture content of the food item is low, you can store if long-term for emergencies. Dried fruits can also be preserved within these bags.

To eliminate the risk of spoilage, food oxygen absorbers should be utilized as well. However, keep in mind that keeping wet foods in a low-oxygen environment might lead to food poisoning. So don't take any chances!

You can find a variety of food storage guides and options at https://wallabygoods.com/.

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