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How to Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Your Home Decor

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Add a stylish and contemporary look to your home with the help of peel-and-stick wallpaper. This user-friendly way of redecorating provides an easy and cost-effective way to spruce up any space. Discover how to install your wallpaper in our helpful guide.


1 Take measurements of the walls

Before you begin your project, it’s important to measure your walls to determine the amount of removable wallpaper you'll need. Add an additional inch to each piece in order to account for errors during installation.

Now that your walls are ready for wallpaper, measure the size of the wall you plan to cover with fabric. Using a measuring tape and a pencil, make small tick marks on the wall where your paper pieces should be cut to size. Once measured and marked out, pick up a pair of scissors or a cutter and start cutting from each marked section until all self-adhesive wallpaper pieces are ready for installation.

2. Clean the wall

Make sure that the wall is clean and dry before you begin. Remove any dirt, dust, or grease with a good cleaner and let it dry completely before proceeding any further.

3. Remove a piece of wallpaper.

Cut the piece of wallpaper so that it fits the width of your wall perfectly. Make sure not to cut too short, as this will be impossible to fix later on! You can use trimming shears or an x-acto knife for a cleaner finish.

4. Prepare your walls.

Before you start installing your patterned paper, make sure to prep the walls for a seamless finish. Start by removing any existing wallpaper and smoothing out the wall surface before adding a layer of adhesive coordination primer. This step is essential for extra smoothness, sturdiness, and better coverage of your wallpaper pattern.

5. Remove the Adhesive Liner

The back of each piece has an adhesive liner that needs to be removed before applying the wallpaper to the wall surface. Gently peel off the backing paper and take it off until only one corner or edge is still attached for easier maneuvering when attaching the wallpaper to the wall.

6. Apply Wallpaper to the Wall

Start by aligning one corner at either the top left or top right of your wall surface, then use a small roller brush (or smoothing tool) over the entire length of your first piece so as to flatten out any bubbles as they appear while also creating even pressure while adhering to the wall surface at all times. Continue this same process with each individual piece until you've covered your desired area!


Now that the wallpaper pieces are cut and ready, start peeling the backing of the paper off. It’s important to do this slowly and carefully. Take your time for clean, precise cuts before peeling the backing off completely. Once the backing is completely removed, you’re now ready to apply it to the wall surface. Start from one end and use a soft cloth or squeegee to press it down as you move along. Make sure you press down firmly so that it sticks properly in place.

7. Micro Gaps Caulk & Seal

Once finished, caulk around windows, doors, and edges for a seamless look if needed, and seal edges with paintable latex caulk to ensure moisture does not seep beneath walls during rainy seasons or homes with high humidity levels—this will help prolong the life of your peel and stick wallpaper over time!

8. Remove any air bubbles and enjoy your new look!

Once all the wallpaper pieces are in place, take a few moments to check your work. Make sure there are no air bubbles and that it’s applied smoothly to the wall surface. If you do see any air bubbles, use a pin or needle to puncture the center of them, then press around the area with your cloth or squeegee until they're gone. Finally, sit back and admire your artwork! Transform any room in no time with peel-and-stick wallpaper!

9. Gather the necessary supplies.

Before you begin to install your peel-and-stick wallpaper, be sure to gather all the necessary tools. Before you start, make sure to have a measuring tape, scissors or box cutter, and ruler handy. Additionally, it’s important to make sure you have a damp cloth close by for wiping off any excess glue from the wall and any sticky residue on the wallpaper itself.


Enjoy Your New Look!

Sit back and enjoy your newly decorated space—whether it's a stylish accent wall in the living room, a hallway entranceway refresh, a bedroom makeover, or anything in between—Peel & Stick wallpaper provides flexibility without having to worry about transitioning seasonal decor without destroying the original paint job.



Peel-and-stick wallpaper provides a great way to quickly update any room in your home. Peel and stick wallpaper can be used on virtually any wall surface, requires little effort during installation or removal, is available in a variety of styles and colors, and is an affordable way to bring new life to any room in your home.





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