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Screen Pinning is one of the unknown features that have been in the order since 2014. It is an excellent and helpful security program that limits access for applications when someone borrows your device. If we are talking about the previous version that is similar to the new multitasking tools for Android 9.0, then they have changed their features.

Android Pie also introduced gesture navigation, with multitasking UI changes, Google modified UI, major version for application screen. In the Google new feature, this function is also involving into the new application screen that needs to revise and counting screen pinning. In this article, we will teach you how you can use screen pinning in your device and how it works.

Enable Screen Pinning

Here are the steps on how to turn on screen pinning on Android Pie:

  1. Launch the setting in your device.
  2. Tap on Security and location.
  3. Tap on the “Advance” that appears at the bottom of your screen.
  4. In the “Advanced” section, you can view more options, and the last option is screen pinning.
  5. Select the screen pinning option and choose toggle to turn on the features.

When you have enabled screen pinning, then you can see a second toggle that did not appear in the previous screen. This features control where users are able to go once and attempt to unpin the applications into the foreground. If you left these features to turn off, then the person who takes your device will be able to launch the application then they unlock the device. If you have a turn of these features, then the unpinning sends the user automatically to the lock screen of your device.

The major problem of unpinning as very straightforward as holding two buttons, then android informs, how you can turn on screen pinning. So if you wish to secure your data, then you need to enable this feature into your device.

Pin Your Screen

With the help of screen pinning turning on, you need to enter in the multitasking menu through the new application option or you can also swipe-up gesture. Earlier, swipe up the beginning of the home button; you can also swipe left to view the entire application that you have previously launched into your phones.

Here are the steps on how to pin your device screen:

  1. First, you need to choose an application that you want to pin.
  2. Tap on the application icon o0n the top of the screen (in the notification center.)
  3. Here a submenu popup on your screen as a “Pin” option.
  4. Choose the “Pin” option when you have done correctly, a popup will appear on your screen that preview your screen is pinned.
  5. When you have complete this above process, you have done pinned your application, and now you can free to give your phone to anyone like friends, family, and love ones without ant fair.

Unpin the Screen

When you have pinned your screen, then you are limited to access application into the foreground.

  1. Here are the steps on how to unpin the screen:
  2. Hold and then back to the home button.
  3. It will unpin the screen and back to the screen lock.
  4. If you have the turn of these features, then you need to enable these features with the help of the above troubleshoot “how to turn on screen pinning.”

Screen pinning is helpful in several situations when someone asks you to borrow your phone for making a phone call or creating any text. So you don’t need to worry when someone asks to borrow your device. You can give them remember that you have enabled screen pinning into your device to secure your data and also for your privacy.

Source :- https://theusaoffice.com/how-to-use-screen-pinning-in-android-9-0-pie-to-lock-application-running-in-the-background/

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