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The latest version of Google Chrome has brought new capability, Chrome Actions for its users to boost their productivity. The Chrome Actions has changed the address bar of Chrome browser into a handy command prompt that can help users to utilize several tools and features without getting into the features.

The Chrome Actions exactly knows that actions are, and that’s why it brings the right suggestion when the user types something on the address bar. Google has confirmed that this feature is available in the latest Chrome version, and users must install the latest version to use it. In the Help and About Google Chrome section, users can check the version of their browser.

After typing a phrase, users will see the list of relevant actions they can choose. Using the Chrome Action feature is pretty simple. Fortunately, a single action can also be brought into the lineup in several ways, so let’s give it a try.

Clear Browsing Data

By typing this, it will take you directly to the browsing data section where you can clear out your cookies, browsing history, hosted data and many more things. You can also choose which type of data you want to get erased.

The action will also lead you to the Advanced tab where you’ll have more control over data that you’re looking to wipe out. However, if your account is getting synced between multiple devices, then wiping from one device will remove data from every device, so check your data before clearing your data.

Manage Passwords

Chrome’s capability of managing passwords has improved a lot in the past few years. Now users can see the list of saved passwords through a short text. By using the action, users can see the all stored password in the browser, and check them if any of them needs to be edited.

By pressing the eye icon near the saved password, users can see the saved login credentials and can press three dots to copy or remove it. Great thing about privacy here is that users will have to type the password of the login account first to see the list and details of the saved password. This extra layer of security is really important for the users, and it is available too.


The name Incognito in Chrome Action is enough to bring up the options in front. Indeed, Incognito doesn’t let the browser save the history or catch data, and Chrome also doesn’t store it for too long in laptop or computer.

However, always remember the limitations of Incognito that if you sign in an account like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or any other, you will be tracked. The downloads will be saved, and your internet provider will always find you what websites you’re visiting.

Manage Payment Methods

Google Chrome can store your Debit/Credit card details and autofill it whenever they are asked to be filled. It’s a shortcut that can help users to make quick payments. Now using the Chrome Action, users can open payments settings and payment methods quickly. You can disagree or disable Chrome to not save your payment information once you made it on the web.

Update Chrome

As mentioned above, your Google Chrome must be running over the latest version to use Google Actions, but users can check the current version quickly by using Google Actions. If anyone wants to save time, they can always rely on Google Actions.


Google Action is available in the new Google Chrome version. This new ability to find and open features in Chrome is going to be really helpful. People who don’t use Chrome a lot don’t know about most of its features. But, by using Google Actions users will be able to find in-depth features quickly.

Source :- https://directorydocs.com/blog/how-to-use-the-latest-chrome-actions-to-boost-up-your-browser-productivity/


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