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Breeding is the best resort to grab the most potent Pokémons in the Galarian region. The players who intend to locate and catch Ditto can use it for the matching of Pokémon. There is one major flaw in catching Ditto; it won’t appear in the fall of the game; thus, players need to grab it in the initial stage of the game.

The reason behind it is that trading doesn’t work in the end due to the mismatching of bets between players. Besides, it is also really hard to find a trader for such rare Pokémon, and thus, Game Freak has brought a new feature to favors the player. While trading, players can choose a code of four digits to pair with another player having a similar code.

Several players from Reddit stated that they have already attained advantages of this feature to attain a specific Pokémon through trading. Here, in the article, we will discuss the trading process of Ditto through Trade Code. Make sure that you read this article attentively to get rid of making any mistake.

Source:- How to Use Trade Code to Get Ditto in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Set Up a Link Trade

Gamers need to ensure about the Internet because the process requires an immense connection to work out properly. Gamers need to press Y key to attain access into Trade Menu, and then, they require to tap the option of Link Trade. Once gamers have successfully reached here, then they need to click on the option of Set Link Code.

After inserting a code successfully, they are required to select the OK option alongside the Yes tab to move ahead. Now, they need to wait for a couple of minutes as it would hard to find a match instantly. After a few minutes, they will receive a message about both the Pokémon have been traded successfully. There will an option arrive that would ask for approval from both the players to trade the Pokémon.

Trade for Ditto

The trading process for Ditto is pretty simple, and the Trade Code for Ditto is 4448. Once players input this code to set up a Link Trade, then after some minutes, the process will Begin. The processing speed largely relies on Internet speed.

We all know that Ditto is a popular choice of players, so the process will definitely acquire some of the time because at that certain time, there were still numerous trading is on-going. The initiative of Game Freak is not limited to Ditto only; it surrounds several Pokémons of the franchise. Besides Ditto, Galarian Ponyta, and Sirfetch’d alongside several legendary Pokémons are the top choices of the players.


Players who are trying to attain Pokémons through trading needs to be ensured about Codes because it is the major component of this process. Besides, Game Freak keeps on persisting new features in Sword and Shield; this emerges our excitation more to check out their forthcoming aspects.

In the end, we hope that this article has served you properly, and you have attained all the required information through it. If you are new to this game, then you can attain its experience on Nintendo Switch.

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