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Knowing how to evaluate a property before buying it is extremely important. After all, it is a big investment and some marketing and technical aspects must be considered so that your efforts result in a good deal. A good realtor can help a lot in this special moment.

Given this, some determining factors must be very well evaluated, such as location, security, conservation, age of the property and others. In fact, they have an influence on the value of a property and thus you will be assured of a good deal.

In this article, you will learn, through some tips, how it is possible to evaluate a property before going to the end of the negotiation. Keep reading and check it out Roatan Honduras real estate!

1. Be aware of the location

The region where the property is located has a great influence on its value. Neighborhoods are evaluated by square meter and, in addition to the value of the place; they have their own characteristics, such as proximity to shopping malls, major avenues, transport supply, universities, schools and local commerce. Everything counts when it comes to valuation.

2. Find out about the age of the property

This aspect is of great importance in the valuation of a property. New units, which have never been occupied, have a higher value when compared to similar used ones, or even those that are still in the plant.

Properties over 20 years old suffer an even greater devaluation, given that, generally, some of their systems are already worn out. The electric one, for example, no longer supports so many appliances and more advanced technologies. In addition, today's condominiums offer residents much more than they did 30 or 20 years ago.

3. Search the average price by region

Knowing the average price of properties similar to the one you are interested in is essential to know if the unit has a price compatible with what you are being charged. For this, it is worth doing a good research about the prices practiced in the place and, preferably, that has the same characteristics, such as the size of the residence and everything that the condominium offers.

4. Check the conservation of the property

The good state of conservation of a property greatly favors its appreciation. According to some physical characteristics, it can lose a lot of its value. An example of this are the finishes, new renovations, coatings and the general condition of its systems, such as hydraulic and electric. These are important aspects that count and need to be well evaluated.

5. See if there is a technology offer

Advanced technology makes everything more practical, comfortable and safe for residents and certainly adds value to the property. Condominiums with some features such as wireless, cables for TVs and automation system add value to homes and facilitate the control and operation of the units.

6. Check for a balcony

Currently, balconies are the “darlings” of architecture. Therefore, the units that offer this extra environment have a lot of value in the market. An example of this is the gourmet balconies – with a good space to gather friends and family –, an increasingly high trend in the real estate market and which guarantees good demand.

7. Check the view

This is a feature that many people make a point of having in a property. Contemplating a beautiful panoramic view is a great attraction, much sought after and, consequently, valued. Properties that offer views of the sea or other invigorating landscapes come out ahead in the search for the ideal property.

Now that you know a little about how to value a property, it's easier to negotiate and buy a unit for a fair value, isn't it? However, it is essential to have a real estate agent who will know how to advise on these and other relevant factors.

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